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  1. That is good to know. Thank you for your experiment. However, because major encounters tend to be difficult ones, I have enjoyed to save after conversation and before battle. It is sad to learn that I should not use that method.
  2. I don't think Maerwald choice is the main cause of the problem because I chose the consequence of Maerwald at that time (though I can't remember whether I killed Maerwald first or his fire blight first). Anyhow, the phenomenon that Maerwald choice does not appear is also a very intriguing bug, nonetheless.
  3. I was playing second playthrough. Not long after I entered Defiance Bay and Act II, suddenly I realized that my main quest has not been updated since Caed Nua. It was the quest named 'Old Watcher' and it said I should confront the watcher whose name I forgot. Of course, I already met him and killed him so that I could repair the eastern tower so I can get to Defiance Bay. Actually, main quest proceed with almost no trouble. I met Woedica's ghost follower at the First Fire and he directed me to the sewer. However, journal doesn't get updated and more importantly, I do not get any reward fr
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