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Found 5 results

  1. I still cannot find Azo anywhere in the Sanitarium, I first had the bug that the door would not open after that was fixed i could not find Azo (need the key to the North Ward). Tried to leave the area and reenter but it didn't fix my problem. I would be really grateful if anybody can help me. My game is updated to the latest beta patch. I played Pillars of Eternity some months ago and this bug ruined my mood for it because I didn't want to start a new game and I don't know if loading an old savegame will fix it. I hoped that upcoming patches would fix it but as of now there is no fix. I want to upload my savegame but the file is too big (2,5MB) - so i uploaded it to mega.nz (if thats against the rules please tell me how to upload my file properly) "https://mega.nz/#!8kJwFb7S!JJNfzemvJ2wMHxspqZh5P5O5naFLUIAUo8mJIZFb-zs" I also added a screenshot of the position where he should be. Thanks in advance hope I will get a solution - I loved your game until that bug occurred.
  2. Head Warden Ethelmoer (stone statue) Sanitarium - Brackenbury interview Gram in the north ward Dear developers! A game breaking main quest bug occured to me, preventing me to continue my game. The quest i am talking about is: "The man who waits" DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  3. Dear developers! A game breaking main quest bug occured to me, preventing me to continue my game. The quest i am talking about is: "The man who waits" When i got this quest, i traveled to the sanitarium. Head Warden Ethelmoer (stone statue) asked me to search for clues downstairs. I went down, and i saw, that the door was open. At this point i have left the sanitarium to do sidequests first (i prefer to do them first in any rpg game, for completionism). When i have returned (days later), i noticed the quest have improved in the quest log (see the attached picture), without me doing anything in that matter. So i talked to the head warden upstairs, who wants me to interwiev Gram in the north wards now. So i proceeded without doing anything, who cares you might say. Well i was thinking that myself too, but when i went down the door, that was open days ago is now closed. It needs a key, that i dont have. When i try to talk to the head warden, its not reacting in any way to me. So i am stuck on this level. I have completed everything i could find otherwise days ago (including the other 2 main quest i had). I was checking in in daily basis, to see if the problem is gone. This bug occured to me before 1.04, if i am correct that patch is alive now. The bug however still exists. I saw and replied in other posts in the same matter, so i am not the only one with this problem. So i am bored waiting, please do something! output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  4. Heya So I've recently did the quest The Man Who Waits in the sanitarium at Defiance Bay, but a weird thing happened. After talking to Uscgrim and the whole soul conversation, I got a journal updated to subdue him, but right when the fight started against the constructs, I got a quest completed without even hitting any enemy. Is that supposed to be like that ? I got no other information after killing everything EDIT: just to clarify, the quest log states that he must be subdued to get more information about the whole watcher thing, but nothing happens after everything is over
  5. The npc Riply who should be in a room next to the locked door to north ward in Sanitarium is missing. Can't get into that room in any other way, can't progress. The statues does not talk to me anymore, and all dialogs with other NPCs in Sanitarium are exhausted. the game is just broken. It's a beta. You can ignore bugged side quests where the game does not notice that you actually did what you were suppose to do. I am not a tester, I wouldn't do anything else If I uploaded every single broken quest (The man who waits, At all Costs, Supply and Demand, and even another story quest Never far from the queen which I had to complete several times before the game noticed, to name just a few biggest ones). I am not going back 5 hours to trace where I made some game breaking decision.
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