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  1. I have indeed accepted but not competed it. No way to undo this? By any means, ingame or out? Honestly, don't want my agency taken from me like this, so if it's irreversable... can't see myself keep playing. Will maybe replay it when the expansion pack hits.
  2. Hi there, I can't progress the main quest. I am at the point where you need to pick a faction to get an audience with the duc. I want to go with the Knights and have already completed Built to Last, but I can't pick them, because Clyver keeps moaning that I'm chummy with the Dozens and he wants nothing to do with me - only thing is, I've only done Rogue Knight for the Dozens and thats it. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't infact some obscure choice I made that was preventing me from progressing by giving me too much reputation with the Dozens (which is quite high in fact, very strange), so I cheated and lowered the reputation. Tried multiple times, made it negative, you name it. Clyver kept saying I was chummy with them though. Another possibility is of course that it's not a straight up reputation check, but some bool somewhere is positive where it should be negative, or vice versa. I can't see what though. Hopefully there's some way to fix this, because I don't want to be forced to choose the other factions and I don't want to replay 20 hours, assuming I still have a save from before I hit Defiance Bay.
  3. Hi everyone, Added my $8 for the Order. Could you make my tilte "The Silent Unseen of the Obsidian Order", please Lets make that second city happen.
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