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Found 10 results

  1. So, yeah, I ponder which dispositions I should set for Pallegina with the IEMod. I haven't even met her yet, but I don't want to set the dispositions to fit 'my needs', I want to set them to fit her character. I couldn't find any info on that sadly, but would still like to know...
  2. I noticed that there are 2 favored/disfavored dispositions. I also noticed that for a number of correct dialogue choices the defense increase is by 0.4 . How many matching dialogue choices equals stat increase ? can i choose in between my 2 favoured dispositions or should i aim to max one first ? How much penalty does disfavored dispositions give ?
  3. I managed to get Aloth's disposition to -1 and dialogue for that did not trigger at all. After that I lowered his disposition to -2 but the dialogue for -1 disposition was triggered (the one with the inevitable "but"). Version, save file just after the dialogue https://www.dropbox.com/s/47hgtachq3qlkan/Phargott%20%28KahangaPalace%29%20%28c11e5e69-e41d-49f6-9e9f-93a5fead378a%29%20%28918582860%29.savegame?dl=0 Screenshot:
  4. I was starting to get a little bit mystifed just how disposition influenced priest/paladin, and couldn't find any good answer for Deadfire. Instead, I found unanswered questions being asked on reddit or here that posted numbers that made no sense compared to past patch notes. So I decided to do a lot of tests and deconstruct what's happening and oy is it weird. (Someone will probably chime in and say that you could open up some game file and find this all out, but I did it the hard way.) Putting it here so that hopefully people curious about why one bad disposition is so negatively affecting their pally defenses. BACKGROUND priests/paladins have favored/disfavored dispositions. They influence the following things: For priest: Holy Radiance healing, Holy Radiance burn damage, Spiritual Weapon lash For paladin: Faith and Conviction defense bonus, Deep Faith defense bonus In all cases, only a disposition score up to 3 is counted. 4 is counted the same as 3. It's been mentioned in this forum before, but I still see people getting confused about it, but for hired adventurers, they use YOUR current dispositions. This is different from POE1 (where companion paladins scaled by level instead and companion priests not at all). This means that e.g. a priest of skaen recruit is not going to play well with you if you rolled a kind wayfarer main character (which is a perfect overlap between favored dispositions for the paladin and disfavored reputations for the priest). Dispositions are the same as in PoE1 (you can look up on wiki). I don't know what Pallegina's special subclass paladin's dispositions are, the fact that I was testing on a character with crazy reputations and Pallegina still had +8.9 neutral faith and conviction almost makes me think she has none. PRIEST HOLY RADIANCE Holy Radiance heals a base of 15 health. It starts with a base +5 disposition bonus. (So with neutral disposition you will heal 20 health). Each positive disposition gives you a +20%/rank modifier to the disposition bonus. Each negative disposition gives you a -20%/rank modifier to the disposition bonus. So if you are a priest of Wael and have 3 Clever and 3 Shady, you'll get +120% bonus, for a total of +11 disposition bonus. Importantly, like every other penalty in Deadfire, penalties go through an inversion and are treated as a "rate" multiplier, so each individual disfavored disposition will actually outweigh an equivalent-strength favored disposition. Put another way, when you only have one type of negative disposition, it's as it seems (so 3 Honest for Wael would be -60% or a net +2 disposition bonus). But in any other situation, you invert and combine them. So if you have 1 Honest and 1 Clever, your net disposition bonus is actually: +5 * reinvert(.2 clever + 1-1/(1-.2 honest)) => +5 * reinvert(.2 + -.25) => +4.75 (rounds to +4.8 displayed) where "reinvert" is a function that does: reinvert(x) { return x > 0 ? 1 + x : 1/(1/(1-x)) } Note that although a disfavored disposition will outweigh an equivalent-strength favored disposition, this equation does mean that if you only have disfavored dispositions or have more disfavored than favored, the penalty is not as severe as you would otherwise get from a purely additive or multiplicative combination. In fact, even though "15" is the base, you can't actually get this low, the lowest you can get is 15+5 * reinvert(1-1/(1-.6 bad disp) + 1-1/(1-.6 bad disp)= 15.83 (rounding to 15.8 displayed, plus a guaranteed minimum +1.5 from power scaling for 17.3) Holy Radiance is also at PL0 so it has an inherent +10% priest PL scaling to heal effect. Importantly, this and any power level scaling only applies to the base healing of 15 health; the disposition bonus is excluded. But after you apply disposition bonus and power level scaling, you get a subtotal any other modifiers (might, bonus to healing, etc.) are applied this larger subtotal. The same thing applies Holy Radiance's burn damage, except it has a base 12 burn damage, and a +5 base disposition bonus. Again, power level scaling only applies to the base burn damage, but all other modifiers apply to the subtotal you get after applying the disposition bonus and power level scaling. Again, ranks in disfavored dispositions outweigh equivalent-magnitude. The upshot is that the healing scaling is kind of meh; the difference between a blasphemous priest and a devout priest is about 10 points of healing before might and other modifiers. This is not nothing, but is a huge step down from the massive scaling you could get in poe1. On the other hand, scaling for burn damage is still significant, because even though it's still the same +5 base disposition bonus, the damage repeats every few seconds, so the difference between a neutral priest and a devout priest can be a decent chunk of change. If it were up to me, I'd fix it so that the disposition bonus also scales with power level. PALADIN FAITH & CONVICTION PLUS DEEP FAITH This is where I really tore my hair out. Because the 1.1 patch notes have this: Keep the above in mind, because these numbers have almost nothing to do with how faith & conviction and deep faith actually work and makes me suspect that either whomever wrote these lines had massive typos (likely for the faith & conviction stuff) or even Obsidian doesn't completely understand the ramifications of their double-inversion system (very likely). Basically Paladin defense bonuses work a lot like the priest Holy Radiance stuff, except for Faith & Conviction you have a "base" +8 to all defenses, and then a +.9 neutral defense bonus (you still get 20% modifiers based on your favored/disfavored reputations). Once again, disfavored dispositions outweigh equivalent-magnitude favored dispositions. Note that a ramification of this is that the range for Faith & Conviction is actually 8.2 to 10 (with in-game rounding). I have no idea how any designer at Obsidian who understood their own system thought that you could actually get down to a +6 defense, the penalties just don't work this way. (Confirmed studiously in-game). For Deep Faith, it's similar, except a +10 base to all defenses and a +2.25 neutral defense bonus (with 20% pos/negative modifiers). Once again, I have no idea how Obsidian thinks the range for this is 5-15, because the actual range is 10.6 to 15. (Confirmed studiously in-game). Note that due to the way Faith & Conviction works, disposition barely matters for a normal paladin. The difference between a blasphemous paladin and a devout paladin is 2 defense essentially, and the difference between a blasphemous paladin and a neutral paladin is virtually nothing (it is theoretically .7 defense, but very few effects in the game especially post 1.2 have fractional defense or accuracy so in practice there's hardly ever a difference between 8.2 and 8.9). For Deep Faith it'll matter a bit more, as +5 all defenses can be a significant difference. This is again unfortunately a far cry from poe1. PRIEST SPIRITUAL WEAPON Spiritual weapons use the same equation as other scaling, except it's a base +20% lash, with a +5% neutral disposition bonus, and then the 20% modifier (positive or negative) based on disposition rank. The effect of this is that the range of the spiritual weapon lash is not [20%, 30%] as the patch notes say, instead the range is actually [21.25%, 31%] (it's hard to completely verify this in game because it depends on relying on the combat log which does rounding, but for all intents and purposes I have verified this range in-game via repeated attacks on Aloth). Like the other disposition scaling stuff, negative dispositions outweigh positive dispositions. On the plus side, this range is actually slightly better than promised, a 31% versus a 30% lash is not huge, but it's also not nothing. POSTSCRIPT It's possible that the relatively weaker disposition scaling on these various effects compared to poe1 is intentional, because there's no "Untroubled Faith" equivalent. (In PoE1 there was a talent named Untroubled Faith that would erase the effect of any negative disposition.) Instead, in Deadfire, once you accumulate a disfavored disposition it will permanently negatively affect you. Even if you get a 4 in a favored disposition, the way disposition works is that it counts as a 3; the extra point does not help you offset a disfavored disposition. In a system without Untroubled Faith (which IMO was a really lame talent but apparently people around the internet used in their own games) it becomes less of a big deal if you accumulate some disfavored reputations because the stakes are much lower. Though I suspect some of the scaling with the paladin has to be buggy/unintentional... POSTSCRIPT 2 Now that I've confirmed how Spiritual Weapon's faith attuned lash works, I strongly suspect what's happening here is that there's some scripting function that gets called with two arguments, a base and the neutral modifier. Someone on staff explained it one way while (possibly mistakenly) implementing it another, and now everyone who uses this script call is copy-pasting the same mistaken understanding of the range the script function produces, because I suspect in every place it is used, designers thought it was going to give them a linear range of [15, 25] (healing for Holy Radiance), [12, 22] (damage for Holy Radiance), [6, 10] (faith and conviction), [5, 15] (deep faith), and [20, 30] (spiritual attunement) instead of the non-linear range of [15.8, 21]; [12.8, 23]; [8.2, 10]; [10.6, 15]; and [21.25, 31] respectively. On the plus side, if Obsidian feels like fixing this, it should just involve changing one script function and everything else will get updated.
  5. While disentangling how priest/paladin disposition works for this post: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103595-mechanics-priestpaladin-disposition-aka-does-obsidian-even-understand-their-own-math/ I came across several oddities that strike me as potential bugs. 1. The disposition-scaling factor for priest Holy Radiance does not benefit from power level scaling. It is possible that this is intentional, but in case it is not, currently power level scaling only benefits the base 15 healing and base 12 damage from Holy Radiance. 2. The paladin's faith & conviction and deep faith do not have the range that the 1.1 patch notes state they should. Instead of [6, 10] and [5, 15] the range is [8.2, 10] and [10.6, 15]. If this is intentional and the 1.1 patch notes wrong, disregard, but to me it feels like a whole lot of effort for little gain the way disposition scaling is set up particularly for the default faith & conviction (where the difference between a completely neutral paladin and a completely bad paladin in most cases is functionally 0 because it's the difference between 8.9 and 8.2 to defenses and very few effects in the game have fractional accuracy or fractional defense where that .7 difference could matter (if there even any remaining effects at all... pre-1.2 before drugs and potions could give you fractional stats but 1.2 removed this alchemy-based effect scaling, and i don't know what else there is other than deep faith/faith and conviction). To reproduce: start a new game or reload an existing game and hire a new priest or paladin and mess with dispositions and observe the different effects. You can also read my forum post and see if I'm right or wrong (though I have extensively tested in-game and even wrote a little script to ensure I could accurate predict defenses based on some input dispositions).
  6. Collapsed tunnel encounter: Aloth reacts negatively to every choice. The only way to avoid the negative reaction is not speaking to the workers at all, but that requires the player to be a clairvoyant. The Watcher helps the workers with the debris? Aloth reacts with "Irresponsibility" The Watcher decides against helping, steps back and looks for a different path? Aloth reacts with "Irresponsibility" Save attached. You can trigger the encounter by traveling to The Brass Citadel. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkmxtsid4s9pm7e/Tunnel_Encounter.zip?dl=0
  7. I have a lot of maxed dispositions and a lot of them have gone up despite me playing super good (I'm Cruel:1 for some reason) meanwhile my companions struggle to go up in reputation. A lot of them are stuck at 1 despite me pleasing them in every other conversation option. Is there some bug I'm unaware of or is the system just a bit flawed?
  8. I don't understand the deal with dispositions. - Globally I understand for the main character. Cruel and agressive = bleak walkers etc. 4 rank etc. Same for prohibited dispositions. But... In my team, there 2 others paladins. One have 11.8 with deep faith (Engaged mercenary). Pallegina have 15 (deep faith include). All are level 20. What is the "key" to understand the division ? Numbers are based on what ? EDIT : Found it : p Engaged mercenary (and even Pallegina I think) : follow the actual dispositions of the players. That's why, a kind wayfarer and a bleak walker in my team... not good for defenses.
  9. Hi All, I just wanted to find out if this is a bug. I searched on Google and I found a lot of issues with this Quest but nobody mentioned this yet... Situation as follows: Quest Name -> Against the Grain. I offered Sweynur a round of drinks I go then and negotiated them for free but the game still charged me 6 cps? As far as I can see here: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Against_the_Grain My hero has got Honest 1 so it should be free? "Get a round of drinks for them, ask Pasca over at the counter for free drinks if you have 12 resolve or an honest disposition of at least 1, else it'll cost 6 . You can use your own drinks if you have any. Bring the drinks to Sweynur. [Diplomatic] approach now resolves the feud, without requiring any attributes."
  10. Not sure if right now it is planned to be a limitation of is just mentioned as an example when talking about problems with multiclass, but i don't think it have sense to not be able to be a weak priest with a high condemned disposition and a strong paladin with that disposition being favoured, if is apparently contradictory or mechanically problematic should have at most a warning, like in opposition to recommended attributes, not recommended multi-class, but since the priest and paladins are not defined by their disposition, and therefore is not lore impossible to be multi-class subclasses apparently contradictory, someone could come up with a valid explanation of the lore of a character.
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