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  1. This bug literally ruined huge parts of the story for me. Really shameful to see the game released in such a state as this
  2. I have a lot of maxed dispositions and a lot of them have gone up despite me playing super good (I'm Cruel:1 for some reason) meanwhile my companions struggle to go up in reputation. A lot of them are stuck at 1 despite me pleasing them in every other conversation option. Is there some bug I'm unaware of or is the system just a bit flawed?
  3. I was looking to go pure Monk as my build and pick up some more multi classes in the companions but it seems that the general consensus is that a pure helwalker monk is too fragile to properly use especially on higher difficulties
  4. I decided to go for a Helwalker Monk as my PC but I'm already having issues keeping him alive. I feel like my monk don't have the high deflection / Armor needed to properly survive. Sure I could throw some heavier armor on him but it feels like that would hurt his damage too much. I'm only level 6 so haven't gotten that far into the game but I'm really thinking about restarting and going for PotD instead of Hard but also going for a regular monk or even the shattered piller one. What are you guys thoughts? We are talking Hard/PotD difficulty
  5. Like many other people here I feel that my companions are useless. As a Paladin I'm more or less screwed for not going mechanics as when I did manage to pick up my new companions they all had botched skills. The attributes I guess I can live with but some of the talents are just horrendous. So my question is if there is any safe and well working way to change my companions? Like putting them back to level 1 and then letting me choose how they level up. I know people have mentioned IEmod but I've also read it's not working perfectly. Being able to keep getting achievements would also be
  6. @Obsidian How many angry tweets are needed to have other dialogue in the game changed? I figured since you caved in once you will do so again and I'm just curious about the exact numbers of tweets needed
  7. Simply disgusting. I would expect this from the disgusting pigs at double fine or any other SF studio but from Obsidian? To cave down to dirty SJW's who probably don't own a single one of your games? This will be the last Obsidian game I play and I will sure as hell not back anymore of your products
  8. Once again... The game has a finite amount of exp so why have a level cap? It's not like games where you can grind for an infinite amount of time
  9. All stat fixes are retroactive. I know about the stat fixes but I'm talking about this part "Modified attributes of companions and Itumaak." It sounds like they have tweaked companion stats after numerous complaints about them being pretty much awful
  10. Will my current save games benefit from altered companion attributes? I personally can't stand some of my companions because of their stats but at the same time I want the story parts
  11. Why does a level cap make sense when there is a finite amount of exp in the game? Compared to other games there is no way to powerlevel your characters as you only get exp from quests and a small bit from skills/monsters
  12. I don't get the level 12 cap. I don't think I have ever hit max level in any IE game but here it seems like you can hit the max level at 2/3rds completed. Wouldn't a cap of 14 or 15 make more sense? Or heck even making it 20 knowing that no one will ever hit that since exp is limited anyway. Having a cap in a game with limited exp for mobs is a weird decision as the devs have full control of the max obtainable exp throughout a playthrough
  13. I'm 99% sure this is thanks to the "double click equip" bug that is ruining peoples games. Not sure what you can do about it since I've stopped playing while waiting for a patch
  14. I don't understand why they couldn't make some fist weapons. Like brassknuckles, cestus and wrist spikes
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