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Found 21 results

  1. I have had multiple trainings for my watcher from different people around the deadfire (each costing 3000 copper), but after respeccing I've discovered that all my trainings are gone. Foolishly, I've overwritten my only save before checking my stats to realise my trainings were gone. Now I am sitting at about 18000 lost copper, and no way to get the trainings back. Is this an intentional feature, or a bug?
  2. Hi All, I just wanted to find out if this is a bug. I searched on Google and I found a lot of issues with this Quest but nobody mentioned this yet... Situation as follows: Quest Name -> Against the Grain. I offered Sweynur a round of drinks I go then and negotiated them for free but the game still charged me 6 cps? As far as I can see here: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Against_the_Grain My hero has got Honest 1 so it should be free? "Get a round of drinks for them, ask Pasca over at the counter for free drinks if you have 12 resolve or an honest di
  3. Hi developers, I finally see what folks are talking about (complaining about, really). I have almost all the content you've created, save a few original character ALTs and some dice, so this doesn't effect me as much as it effects others. However, I can plainly see that it kinda sucks that content you originally offered before in gold was changed to require $ (with no notice given in the actual game). I've been with you from the very beginning of PA and I think you should give your current loysl users a week or two to spend their gold at the original prices. It is fine to switch t
  4. Hi, Just tried to buy 4000 gold on ipad. It charges me but I don’t receive gold. When I try to re purchase it; Itunes tells me it was already purchased so Gold will be given to me free. But gold bought never arrives.....
  5. To buy the 6 chest bundle, it shows the cost as 2500 gold. When you click to purchase them, an iTunes purchase screen for $2.99 real money shows up. I have a screenshot, but can’t seem to post it.
  6. Good morning, I just completed a scenario from the story on Legendary to fulfill the daily quest objective (finish two scenarios on legendary). After winning the scenario, first I got the legendary rewards from the mission (think it was 350 Gold coins), but when the daily quest rewards were processed, I lost those gold coins and got the 100 coins of the daily quest instead. But when I look into the story, it states correctly, that I finished the scenario on legendary. I relogged three times after that, but the scenario rewards are lost. Hope that report helps! Love your game (just wi
  7. 24 hours ago I bought 4,000 gold in game. When it didn't show up as credited, I thought that perhaps I had somehow not completed the purchase so I tried it again. A day later, several restarts of the app and the update to the news app release I still haven't seen it credited. I have the Apple Store in app purchase confirmation Email so I know both purchases went through. How long does it usually take to appear in the game? I can submit a screenshot of my purchase to confirm if needed.
  8. I've bought the daily gold reward from the store, and now it says 30 days remaining on the buy part. Does this mean the daily gold only works for 30 days? If yes, is that 30 real days, or 30 pick-up days? And still if yes, this is absolutely BS, nowhere before buying, or after did it indicate this was a limited time purchase.
  9. I won't post the details here obviously, but how do I go about reporting this in a non-public forum?
  10. My gold was suddenly just all gone , included I pay $2 for 30 daily 200 gold ( totally 6000 ) Further more , I cannot get any gold after finish quest .... Or during mission ..... Anyone happen this same as me ? Help ! Can I get refund or any solution to track back my gold ? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------update------- After 30 mins , I restarted my iPad Air , now all my Gold seems back , And I can earn gold normally in missions Lol
  11. I understand that replaying a mission already completed on normal or hard will not provide any gold (beyond the bonus for defeating monsters and closing locations), however any legendary difficulty will still provide 200 gold. If possible to programs it as such I would like to make a suggestion. Repeating a mission at any difficulty level where the scenario level is the same as the top level of cards in deck (or missions already completed) will provide gold. Replaying a mission at any difficulty level where the scenario level is two below the top level of cards (or missions already complet
  12. Hi. What would happen if I spend in-game gold to buy adventures/characters and later decide to purchase the season pack? Will the gold previously spent on content included in the season pack be refounded? Will I simply lose that gold? Will the season pack cost proportionally less? Sorry if this was already said somewhere. Thanks in advance
  13. This is a magic item valuation system which aims to make the game economy sustainable. It applies for merchants but has far reaching consequences on the world design. In short: Merchants pay very little for magic items and there is a good in-world (lore) reason for it.In not short: Non-magic equipment is bought and sold as usual - with some markup by merchants but not much (e.g. PC buys Mail for 200, sells for 140). Magic equipment is traded at extremely high markup (buy Mail+1 for 1000, sell for 20) because: In the game world everyone knows it is dangerous to keep (quality) m
  14. Josh Sawyer said: "I've heard people complain about having too much gold in every game I worked on. Until the end of F:NV when we introduced (entirely optional) GRA unique weapons that cost a fortune. Then people complained that the items cost too much." While I think gold availability is ideally suited to be a difficulty setting, there is the question what people really want. I would suspect that most of us wouldn't complain if they couldn't afford every weapon in a game, but I can't be sure. So here is another poll. If you think that too much money isn't a problem, think about this
  15. Obsidian are quite good at providing a logical reason for the protagonist attracting followers, but what of more traditional forms of cohesion, that of financial renumeration? It may be more appropriate for some followers than others, the more mercenary of personalities, but even the most personally involved and charitable fellows will need a little pocket money. These will presumably be potent, skilled individuals whose services are in the world of Eternity quite highly valued, so their aid should logically be recompensed. Indeed if ones adventures become increasingly fraught with danger
  16. Alright, so a small discussion elsewhere got me thinking about economic systems in RPGs and how they tend to suck. In previous Obsidian games, especially Neverwinter Nights 2 and its expansions, the player would earn literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of gold pieces, and there was nothing to spend it on other than gold sinks such as Crossroad Keep. While this is all well and good, it highlights bad economy design - it's not well-balanced, it's an afterthought to the rest of the gameplay, and it's not at all realistic (not that realism should be an end goal in itself, but a de
  17. Alright, if you could change the title to Inventory Management Proposal *Edited*, this is the contents (and thanks): The following is my proposal for how I believe the inventory management system in PE should work. My goal was to provide interesting depth while avoiding as much tedium as possible. I'm going to go over everything from the backpack, to equipment, to currency, and anything in between. Most of the system is automatic to stop 15 minute inventory rearrangements, while alot of detail, this is simply describing why and how it works. I'm a D&D pen and paper DM, naturally
  18. I'm sure this is an old and dead topic, but I couldn't find it with a forum search so here goes. How can currency be given a real value to players in PE? In every RPG I remember, I would systematicaly collect and mangage loot to optimize the money I could get selling it. But for the life of me I can't understand why, because in every game money has been a completely useless resource, meant for hoarding and nothing else. Sure, I could buy weapons and armor from merchants - weapons and armor little or no better than what I find dungeon-delving. Heck, maybe I could buy property - a single
  19. Hello everyone, What do you think guys, how monetary system in Eternity should look like? Most popular is just gold based, but I find it... ridiculous; "One beer!!" "One gold coin, please" Hm... Quite expensive, isn't it? I'd rather prefer gold / silver / bronze partition. Maybe it isn't very important aspect of a game, but standard gold system just make no sense to me.
  20. Should gold/currency have a weight associated with it? If you think it should, would you associate it with the difficulty level of the game or have it apply in all circumstances? Personally, I would like gold to have a weight associated with it. I would like to see it applied no matter the difficulty level of the game. I would also like to see an option for rewards other then gold, such as expensive jewels or standing in the community. Another feature could be each companion you have gets a share of the gold you find. So that Orc hideout you just raided may have gotten you 1000gp, but betw
  21. Does anyone know where to activate the VIP badges? Or are they not implemented yet?
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