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  1. Just got mine today too! Padded envelope. A little 'crushing', but nothing too serious. Now I just gotta open it up and see how the goods inside faired.
  2. I was wondering about this! Thanks for the effort! However, I haven't even bothered trying PoE on my Linux box yet, as I assumed it would be at least 3 times less stable at release than the Windows build.
  3. I don't know about PoE, but if you're pining for sax in your RPG's: [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5grtioqR5M[/media]
  4. That would be my first assumption if I was an Obsidian employee. Id call the police ASAP for suspicious terrorist activity via food poisoning plots. I sincerely hope no one at Obsidian ate those and that they threw them straight into the garbage. You're serious. I'd like to believe it's very dry sarcasm.
  5. Well, I didn't go the Steam route, but you can't find this in your backer portal after generating the key? I'd definitely contact support if it's not there.
  6. Why does this have to be an act of spite? Can't one company be happy for the successes of another, even if they are, on some level, competing? I mean, were I an author or musician, why couldn't I be happy with other's books/music and congratulate them for it? I know most of these posts are tongue-in-cheek, but some I'm not so sure.
  7. Sorry I can't test it right now, but I want to say it tracks time while paused too. In any case, the logs in your journal that keep track, for instance, of how long a member's been in your party does (As I found when I was looking through Aloth's character sheet immediately after adding him to my party).
  8. Very nice work, Justin! The music is great and hits all the right fantasy notes (heh) for me. I have to admit, listening to the tracks outside of the game context feels really weird, but IN the game it's just fantastic and matches the tone perfectly!
  9. All aboard the dark maps train. Gamma is default at 1. The game otherwise looks fine. Might want to file a bug report if one doesn't exist already - I'd consider this something that needs be fixed.
  10. You kidding? I was very pleased to discover this feature! I was afraid I was gonna have to switch weapon sets every time I needed a little light! Thanks Obsidian!
  11. Cool info! But wait a minute, every game I play damn well better pause when I alt-tab out of it! That's like, practically OS behavior contract. Might be slightly inconvenient at times, but we gotta enforce standards here, man!
  12. Yar, I suppose since I'm getting the physical DRM-free disc anyway Steam makes more sense for me, but if I got to choose between the two who to give my patronage to, it would be GOG (I used to be something of an anti-DRM nazi, but I just can't summon enough passion to care much anymore ).
  13. Anybody here familiar with Key distribution? I too am stuck - Steam is simply more convenient for me, and that's the version I'd get just for that, but I'd prefer to give my patronage to GOG. If I redeem a GOG/Steam key, does GOG/Steam then get my little slice of backer funding, or has that ship already sailed?
  14. I'll be honest, I'm just here to procrastinate. I always did have a hard time getting into hype mode. Now riot mode I can get behind. Down with the oppressors! Up with the unoppressors! Neutral for those guys who don't really oppress but are kinda a**holes nonetheless!
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