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  1. So why not just make it hotkey-able? (That is too a word! :-P ). I don't understand why they can include bobble-head mode but not a way for my guys to walk, dammit!
  2. I'm another fan of the walk toggle. I end up playing PoE with the party almost always in stealth mode, even through areas they'd already searched, just to have the slower movement. Having them run everywhere is just...wrong. I'm sorry Josh was dismissive with you, Joral - here's hoping the devs realise there are more people who would like this feature than they thought.
  3. Personally, I would like to see obsidian tread a middle ground between what I understand Josh to be saying, and the way it worked on PoE. For both roleplay and aesthetic reasons I do have a tendency to get attached to certain pieces of equipment, and I loved not needing to trash my favourite items in order to progress through the game (some games I have been know to hang onto underpowered equipment way past the point of sensible builds, just because it looks cool with my character). On the other hand, it was a bit odd to be able to enchant almost any weapon to the same degree. Perhaps it could cost more (resources etc) to enchant an item that was more rubbish to start with? eg it could be much harder (and need much fancier reagents) to make a superb dagger out of a butter knife than it would if you started with an already enchanted silver-etched heirloom dagger, but you *could* make them up to the same standard if you wanted it badly enough. ( I personally don't understand players who need the constant motivation of 'better loot' to explore, but then, I'm a miserable old grognard ;-) )
  4. I'd quite like the weapon to be in denial about *being* a weapon - he/she/it seems to be under the impression it's just another of your companions. There would be quite a lot of scope for both comedy and tragedy in that I think.
  5. I'm just very happy to be getting more PoE generally. Although I am stupidly excited about separate necklace/cloak slots - just having one as about my biggest frustration with PoE.
  6. Personally, the more the merrier! Hell, I miss 8-character parties (a la Wizardry) but I'll concede that anything above 6 is best left to turn-based games, rather than real-time with pause like PoE. I prefer more choice and freedom in how I make up my party, and I feel that 6 slots gives you that best.
  7. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do (sorry about the blank post - having connecrtion issues)
  8. Welcxome back! Hope it lives up to your expectations - personally, I'm loving it )
  9. @scottyford http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66894-how-to-make-custom-portraits/
  10. @Picky here's a few I found by searching "Dark Wizard" on DeviantArt. Do any suit your character? http://flearehuce.deviantart.com/art/The-Raven-378327430?q=favby%3ACocacolacore%2F59358297&qo=46 http://88grzes.deviantart.com/art/Summoner-2-415915599?q=favby%3ACocacolacore%2F59358297&qo=40 http://daarken.deviantart.com/art/Dread-Warlock-161503700 If (like me) your edit skills suck, I recommend NoTra's awesome tool for creating the right dimensions/names (as per his post in this thread #180) : http://notra.fr/portrait.php *Edited* cos my typing skills suck as well
  11. Do you know for certain that a) Obsidian, and not the backer, initiated this change? b) That the backer was not consulted? Because if you do not know for certain, then this post is just needlessly inflammatory. Don't even get me started on your use of the word "terrorist"...
  12. I'm getting increasingly confused reading stuff on the forums - sometimes I feel like I've been playing a different game to everyone else. I'm by no means a 'hard-core' gamer - wouldn't have a clue how use a spreadsheet to help my gaming- and yet I find the game neither too easy nor too hard. I'm playing on 'normal', and have only collected the companions as I've been going along (so no hired adventurers). Totally failed to notice that Slicken was even useful (see how *hard-core* I am?) and am progressing steadily through Defiance Bay. I don't save-scum, but have only died twice (due to my doing really stupid things, like accidentally trying to tank with Aloth because I had the wrong character selected). Nor do I find combat a breeze - a few I've had to leave and come back later, and there have been many tight calls. And no, I've not got the uber-stat bug on any of my npcs - I checked. I'm having a great time in combat - what am I doing wrong?
  13. Sorry, I only have a save game from 8 hours in, so not exactly 'fresh out of the gate', but here's Lascielle, Pale Elf Ranger, a drifter from the White That Wends
  14. Welcome ) I agree this game is awesome - I've been having so much fun! I was so excited for this game that I actually had tears rolling down my cheeks as the opening scene began (Yep, big girl's blouse!) so I thought it could not possibly live up to my expectations - but I was wrong: it has exceeded them. The saddest thing I've read on the forums is that Darren Monahan has been getting down reading some of the stuff that's been written. The devs have done an amazing job, and I plan to be around to see them build on what the have created. It's such a shame that happy people (and I'm one of the happiest!) make less noise that complaining people. Plus there's no such thing as a nice troll post... Thank you, thank you, thank you to the devs for all your hard work - and don't let the whingers get you down!
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