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  1. 1st play through: With companions 2nd play through: With custom party 3rd play through: Solo
  2. 1st play through (Dialogue markers off): Stingray the Paladin, trying to stay to the favored dispositions of Benevolent and Passionate also very Honest. 2nd play through (Dialogue markers on): Xenye the clever rationale yet overly aggressive Cipher 3rd play through (Dialogue markers on): Ioane the cruel, deceptive and stoic Monk
  3. Use this guide: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78627-endless-paths-1-15-potd-solo-monk-achieved-story-also-ofc-build-and-details-inside/ I however didn't take Clarity of Agony or Swift Strikes. I took them in the following order: 1-Torments Reach 2-Lesser Wounds 3-Long Stride 4-Weapon Focus: Peasant 5-Turning Wheel 6-Savage Attack 7-Duality of Mortal Presence 8-Two weapon style 9-Crucible of Suffering 10-Vulnerable Attack 11-Rooting Pain 12-Body control
  4. What is happening here? How is rooting pain hitting 30 times against 4 enemies?
  5. No, this was in Act 2 already. I just went back to the last save, luckily I noticed it soon enough and lost only about 1 hour.
  6. Blood Testament. Does it work? If so, how? I don't see any raw damage in the combat details...
  7. Sorry man, that's not how I meant it. You can actually just use print screen...
  8. Haha I actually randomly got the idea from your signature. What a coincidence that you noticed...
  9. I was making screen shots to go with this tread as I wanted to ask why my Monk's transcendent suffering de-activated and how to reactivate it. But now I realise that not the only ability suddenly missing: Older save: Now: So it's Body Control, Transcendent Suffering and The Merciless Hand that has deactivated. How do I fix it?
  10. For some reason my solo monk likes to shout "That doesn't feel right" almost every time she gains a wound. She also sometimes says "Almost" when landing a crit. Buggy voice? Anyway these Crystal Eaters hit pretty hard: Getting hit for 151 in one shot to me "doesn't seem right". What's the most damage you've received in one shot?
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