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  1. is Scion of Flame useful for monk damage (im primarily spamming torment reach)? or is it a waste ? i see rarely anyone takes it
  2. Pretty awesome, this should inspire the devs to add options so you can avoid these 12 kills as well! May be some obscure way to defeat Thaos without a fight.
  3. wow, what a load of... cipher is already not nearly as good as other caster classes after 1.05, MB is the only half decent thing cipher can cast thats not totally waste of time at low-to-mid level, have you look at the the abilities (particularly CC abilities) of other classes? 3 secs you must be joking. Why would you demand more nerf of this already below average powered class? may be you should make a mod and make whatever changes you want, and leave and rest of us to play our single-player game in peace.
  4. you don't need 2 tanks, just an off-tank with good dps potential. I think Barbarian or Monk will be good. Priest is a must, Wizard vs Druid? I think wizard spells are easier to use especially the earlier spell levels, you can also have decent DPS early game (before you can spam spells) using implement + blast. I would go with the wizard.
  5. I have seen some good information on the forum regarding monks, but I haven't found a detailed build (up to L12), this is for a party play (not solo) on hard difficulty. The goal of the monk is do decent DPS (I know they are not the best dps, especially vs rogue, but reasonable), and decent off-tank. The party composition will be (mostly custom character since 2nd playthrough): high deflection fighter tank, dual-wielding dps rogue (stiletto), wizard (wand), priest (aequebus), and a cipher (arquebus/pistol). Currently I am thinking about using unarmed as the main weapon.
  6. Sly was exceedingly tough for my first play through at level 5-6, i barely survived after half a dozen retries. However, on the second playthrough I did it at the same level with much easier results --- the predominant factor was using figurines for the 2nd time. Just having the wooden beetles figurines (can be found at the theater in copperlane, hidden), and phantom figurine (in a locked chest in vailian embassy, potentially need a few lockpicks to open if your level is low). Starting battle to summon one set of creatures near the wizard, and another set of creatures near the priest (i h
  7. Hearing a lot of talk about warbow being a viable options for ranged rogue even on PotD difficulty. Looking for a detailed build that is tested to work on those diffuclties. Thanks!! In particular, which race is the best? (Hearth Orlan vs Wood Elf), do you need to carry backup fire arms for high DR enemies? What equipement should get early on, what kind of enchantments on weapons? Much appreciate it!
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