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  1. OP, I run a party much like your proposed party on POTD. I use a frontline of fighter(moon godlike) and chanter (wild orlan), a ranged rogue (wood elf) and ranged cipher (coastal aumaua), and a backline of priest (pale elf) and wizard (death godlike). The races are probably not optimized, but I didn't want two of the same because I'm weird like that, and they all work fine and have some benefits. I'm through all of Act I, so take my info with that in mind. The frontline works really well; fighters are obviously great tanks, and the chanter has defensive stats + INT, so his invocations a
  2. Hello everyone. I'm an Infinity Engine veteran and am really enjoying Pillars so far. I have been playing through the game on normal to get a hang of the mechanics, but I decided to reroll and do a POTD playthrough. I was hoping to get some advice from those of you who have played POTD already. I have some min-max tendencies, so I plan on creating a full party of 6. My current planned party looks like this: Chanter (tank) Fighter (tank) Cipher (ranged) Rogue (ranged) Priest (support/heal) Druid or Wizard (nuker/disabler) So my question for you guys is this: should my 6th p
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