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  1. I actually purposefully disengage so enemies get free shots at me to generate more damage on my monk so I can kill faster. Sometimes I'll even hit him with my own spells. And a lot of players use Moon Godlike for their monks, who can self-heal massive amounts of endurance every encounter. 8 points of damage taken = 1 Wound = 1 Torment's Reach. Torment's reach can do a ton of damage, considering full Monk lash bonuses and the +50% crush lash and the extra AE cone. Monks are a damage prism, they can take a sliver of damage and reflect it into far more damage to the enemy.
  2. I'm on v1.0.6.0591 and I'm not seeing the Perception change on the char sheet. Are the people w/ the change on a later version?
  3. Dual wielding will generally outdamage 2H even on high DR targets assuming you are using a DPS class (who have damage modifiers) and give them your best weapons. From the PillarsWeapons spreadsheet, taking a Monk who has a lot of lash bonuses (+50% TW, +25% lightning strikes) and a +25% lash enchant with 18 strength and +30% damage enchant, the DPS vs DR 10 looks like Dual Stilettos: 15.00 Dual Sabres: 15.24 2 Hand: 11.07 Estoc: 12.82 This is without any weapon talents like Vulnerable Strike, taking that talent will push Stilettos past Estoc even on DR 16. This also isn't adjus
  4. What direction would you buff them? I don't think they should outdamage Rogues or Barbs or other melee DPS builds. I don't think they should even be even given these other classes have to risk damage and KO to be in melee range. I don't think pets should out-tank tank classes. In RPGs, pets + ranged are usually the safest ways to deal damage and in a balanced system deal the least damage. IMO the reward needs to match the risk, and a pet+ranged damage dealer is on the far end of the low risk spectrum.
  5. Scion of Flame wouldn't affect TR, TR is not flame damage unless you have specifically have a flaming damage weapon. TR is the same damage type as your equipped weapons. It might affect Turning Wheel, but I find myself pretty tight with talent points on a Monk and would never take it personally.
  6. Mental Binding is basically Petrify without the damage bonus, -40 deflection/reflex is a death sentence by itself. Along w/ the stealing accuracy, Ciphers are probably the best class at landing hits on POTD. Very strong Soul Whip bonuses...basically unconditional sneak attack. Overall the best non-rest class. Obviously rest classes are better...when you rest If you're going to nerf anything, I'd nerf the penalties on paralyze. Not sure why its so high compared to other disables with generally shorter duration times (prone -10, stun -30). In any case it should be lower than the m
  7. I went through the same thing on my first playthrough. The reality is: - you don't know what mobs are difficult and easy. My first time Guls looked extremely dangerous, i unloaded spells on them. Turns out they're pretty wimpy. I thought Shades weren't too tough, your typical L1 undead like skeletons. Boy was I wrong. And there is a Shadow type that looks identical with 16 DR and sky high deflection, fairly nasty for L2-L3 characters. - you don't know how big or large the areas are. Saving your spells for Magran's Fork? Not necessary it's tiny. Burned all your spells on the first few en
  8. I must have a mistake when viewing my paladin, I checked just now with my save and the new effects are 15%. I made some new paladin hireling paladins to verify. Not sure why I thought I saw new Paladin talents (wishful thinking?).
  9. IMO Rogues should take advantage of the fact that they can deal great damage from melee or ranged, and switch weapons situationally. Fire from range when it’s dangerous and go into close combat when it’s more manageable. Other high DPS class that must be in melee like Barb or Monk have abilities that help them survive there, with the limitations that many of their abilities don’t work with non-melee weapons. That being said, I think Rogues pair best not with tanks who have no real threat control, but CC classes like Ciphers or Wizards. I think the not-so-subtle hint about that is the fact
  10. There are extra talents as well...they will add +5% to the new aura effects.
  11. Druid's CC is pretty minimal IMO. For the first 3 spell spell levels there isnt anything that reallly stops enemies, you mainly get debuffs like Blind & Hobble. You get hard CC at spell level 4...but then not much else at 5 & 6. TBH, my even my priest is more effective at CC. The level 2 AE knockdown can last like 12 seconds, is Foe only, and has high accuracy as a trap. As a L2 spell it's eventually per encounter. Personally I would not rely on a druid as my main and only CC. But you have a Cipher & Priest as well as a chanter so you've got CC spread all over your par
  12. It is pretty powerful but it's also a lot of fun considering how much everyone hates shadows & shades. I think it should just be much more difficult to obtain or excessively expensive.
  13. I suppose this is a bug, but zealous endurance (and I assume the other auras) have a map wide range. I can fight on one end of the map with my paladin on the other end and still get the aura effects. Definitely a bug...seems to have happened after a combat but it normally works within a range.
  14. Zealous Endurance: +3 DR, 15% of incoming hits reduced to Grazes Zealous Focus: +6 Accuracy, 15% of grazes converted to Hits
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