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  1. I used basically what you need to use on the last fight going it solo with a rogue, the split them up tactic. I can't imagine how you would do it any other way, fighting all 3 at the same time seems a tall order, especially because your relying on summons to tank. I think the main reason you split them up, is not so much for the judges, but to get Thaos away while you kill the two judges. I can see taking both judges is doable, probably not while Thaos is there though. Its a pity i don't have a video recorder of some sort to record any of my playthrough's, but i can give you a rundown of how i
  2. Heh, your prob right about the gloves. What they give to a solo rogue is quite substantial, and are the first things i buy after Killing Merwald and reach Defiance bay (as well as The Ring of Wonder, 'just in case'). I figured it would help a lot more people with their solo rogue runs if they realised their potential. I hope it doesn't get nerfed. In all honesty, i think for POTD any of the tried and tested weapon setups like duel stiletto, dagger, rapier or spears or whatever you wanted to play are viable. I've used them all for TCS solo. Each setup will require slightly different tweaki
  3. Finally accomplished the Triple Crown Solo achievement with a duel wielding rogue using sabre's. Thought I would share some pics and some thoughts about how amazing sabre's are for a duel wielding rogue. I've tried many different types of duel wielding rogues on my TCS attempts, like stiletto's, dagger's and rapier's, but it's just so hard to go past the raw damage output of the sabre. With the right sabre's and the right talents and abilities you can achieve some crazy high damage with your critical strikes, and consistently high damage overall. The rogue has the perfect assortment
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