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  1. 1st play through: With companions 2nd play through: With custom party 3rd play through: Solo
  2. 1st play through (Dialogue markers off): Stingray the Paladin, trying to stay to the favored dispositions of Benevolent and Passionate also very Honest. 2nd play through (Dialogue markers on): Xenye the clever rationale yet overly aggressive Cipher 3rd play through (Dialogue markers on): Ioane the cruel, deceptive and stoic Monk
  3. Use this guide: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78627-endless-paths-1-15-potd-solo-monk-achieved-story-also-ofc-build-and-details-inside/ I however didn't take Clarity of Agony or Swift Strikes. I took them in the following order: 1-Torments Reach 2-Lesser Wounds 3-Long Stride 4-Weapon Focus: Peasant 5-Turning Wheel 6-Savage Attack 7-Duality of Mortal Presence 8-Two weapon style 9-Crucible of Suffering 10-Vulnerable Attack 11-Rooting Pain 12-Body control
  4. What is happening here? How is rooting pain hitting 30 times against 4 enemies?
  5. No, this was in Act 2 already. I just went back to the last save, luckily I noticed it soon enough and lost only about 1 hour.
  6. Blood Testament. Does it work? If so, how? I don't see any raw damage in the combat details...
  7. Sorry man, that's not how I meant it. You can actually just use print screen...
  8. Haha I actually randomly got the idea from your signature. What a coincidence that you noticed...
  9. I was making screen shots to go with this tread as I wanted to ask why my Monk's transcendent suffering de-activated and how to reactivate it. But now I realise that not the only ability suddenly missing: Older save: Now: So it's Body Control, Transcendent Suffering and The Merciless Hand that has deactivated. How do I fix it?
  10. For some reason my solo monk likes to shout "That doesn't feel right" almost every time she gains a wound. She also sometimes says "Almost" when landing a crit. Buggy voice? Anyway these Crystal Eaters hit pretty hard: Getting hit for 151 in one shot to me "doesn't seem right". What's the most damage you've received in one shot?
  11. I agree with most of what OP says... ...but only because D:OS is such an awesome game. Let's have good games with TB and good games with RTwP
  12. I usually do like level 1 - 4 as soon as I frist get to Od Nua (i.e. level 4 - 5ish) Then Od Nua 5 - 8ish a bit later during Act 2 And then the rest only at level 12. Otherwise just do it when you feel like it, if it gets too tough come back in two levels. Rinse. Repeat.
  13. Okay, this has probably been asked and answered already BUT When do the resting bonuses from inns end on resting out in the wild and when not. Sometime the inn resting bonus remains after lots of rests in the wild and only changes when resting in the inn again, but sometimes it's gone after resting in the wild
  14. I don't get it. With no weapon in one slot you can select unarmed obviously: but with weapons in both slots I can't still select unarmed
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