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  1. Thanks, that answer should be sufficient to let anyone avoid accidentally transitioning from Act2->3. In case anyone finding this needs a (slightly) more detailed explanation to put their mind at ease: I believe this means the trigger is ... (number and name of quest(s) to complete Act2):
  2. Trying to avoid any significant spoilers here, hopefully it's something like "entering zone X" or "turning in quest Y" or "gametime of Z days". Someone recommended I not progress to act 3 until I had done all the act 2 quests ... but I'm not sure how to avoid act 3. Googling or forum-searching seems extremely likely to turn up spoilers. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I want to make a build that is focused on perception and quiet (but inspiring) resolve who doesn't like hurting others (at least personally), so he focuses on making those around him better. For stats - I was thinking of making him highly perceptive, high resolve, mid-high intelligence and low Might . I'm looking at chanter class for the buffs, paladin would be another obvious choice but I consider them a bit too martial for what I'm going for. For RP purposes I was going to think of him as being more of a "mystic mutterer" during combat rather than a flamboyant performer. With the stats being highly defensive ... I'm guessing the role I should shoot for is some sort of off-tank that annoys (interrupts) rather than dealing damage. I wouldn't mind keeping him off the front lines altogether, but it just seems like the defensive stats would be wasted in such a case ... and RP wise the party should probably get annoyed rather than inspired if he doesn't do SOMETHING useful in combat. So ... first off is this at all viable, and then looking for any suggestions to make the Character more useful without starting from scratch on the concept. My biggest concern is that with the stats I was thinking of there won't be much left for Constitution ... which may compromise his ability to be on the frontlines inspiring his teamates (even if not doing much damage). Thanks in advance.
  4. I vote for quality based stretch goals rather than quantity. If the devs think the game would be better balanced with more outdoor areas but there isn't time/budget ... or if you NEED more outdoor areas to fully develop plot lines I'm all for it. If the new areas are going to be (primarily) new content just for the sake of a bigger world I'm against it. Once you hit what you consider to be a good balance I'd consider funding a stretch goal for more enemy diversity or story (quality). More companions are always welcome but, I'd prefer deeper interactions with the existing companions, or adding companions if you have identified an area you are light (tank/healer/etc) rather than creating a bunch of new companions just because someone gave you money tagged for that. The bottom line: I'm against arbitrary each $X will get the game another thing Y goals. If the devs come up with a prioritized list of items they feel would add to the quality of the world and that's what I'm funding then sure, let's go with the stretch goals. That may complicate building excitement since someone's pet peeve item may be WAY down the list. PS. Whatever you come up with be sure you don't give us the ability to unbalance the game if "the crowd" allocates it's funds in an irrational way.
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