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  1. Doesn't this fight include several Crystal Eaters? They have low Will, can cast Ice Shard and hit pretty hard. Just use Confusion spells on the spiders repeatedly and engage the Vithracks while they're distracted.
  2. I am aware that Pillars of Eternity is a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate (which was Real-Time-With-Pause), and that many people hold strong personal preference for TB or RTWP, with most of Obsidian's and Black Isle's games being the latter. This thread is not about about that. The topic I'd like to discuss is the technical advantages of TB combat for games with fairly complex combat mechanics made on a comparatively low budget (kickstarter). (TLDR at the bottom) Throughout this post, I'll be comparing PioE and Divinity: Original Sin for the following reasons: 1) Both are
  3. I think a lot of people don't know that Barbarians and Monks actually have significantly higher health pools than Fighters and Paladins. If you spread engagements across several melee characters, you may actually end up having to rest less often than you would with a 1x tank 1x offtank 4x DPS party.
  4. I have seen exactly one Godlike in the game who wasn't a backer reward, and that was Pallegina (the Death Godlike's raider party in Magran's Fork is a "Design-an-encounter" reward). No other Godlikes are shown or referenced in the game (unless you consider Waidwen one). If the Godlike race was referenced in any books, I probably missed them. It feels like Godlikes were added very late in development, almost as an afterthought. While they are disappointing from a lore perspective, they do contribute quite a lot in terms of gameplay - there are many builds centered around the Moon/Fire/Natur
  5. Shadowrun Returns developers turned to Kickstarter once again for the sequel, despite the first two games in the series selling well at a glance. When you're self-funding a sequel in an unpopular genre, it helps to have an extra million+ dollars that imposes no legal obligations on you, unlike a private investor or bank loan. (It's worth noting that Shadowrun Returns is incredibly well-made, and SR: Dragonfall was easily one of the best games of 2014)
  6. He posted a complete video walkthrough of everything he did, in the very first post. Isn't that more than enough?
  7. The default character used by Obsidian for debugging appears to be a level 7 Orlan Cipher (with custom abilities), as seen in this speedrun. Coincidence?
  8. It's bizarre that we're at 1.05, and this feature is still not in. Characters breaking formation caused me so much grief on Hard, I can't imagine playing PotD until it's added.
  9. Most bugs were fixed in 1.03 and 1.04 - I did a completionist playthrough on 1.04 with no major issues. Obsidian appears to be waiting for 1.05 to start shipping physical media, which suggests 1.05 is where they wanted their game to be on release. (Incorrect, see post below) The beta test for 1.05 is already available on Steam and fully playable, so you can begin your 1.05 playthrough already. I would not wait for further balance patches for two reasons: 1) Balance overhauls require far more work than bugfixes. It will probably be 2+ months until 1.06 (Incorrect, see post belo
  10. While I agree that +Interrupt fits Clubs a lot better thematically, I think they may have chosen to go with +Accuracy for balance reasons. My last playthrough had a high-Dex, high-Per melee Rogue dual wielding Stilettos, and he was this close to perma-locking most enemies with interrupts - any enemy engaged in single combat with the Rogue landed roughly 1 blow for every 10 he was dealt. And this was with Weak interrupt and without Interrupting Blows! If Clubs had an Average interrupt value on a Fast weapon, I'd carry 2x clubs as my second set to disable single enemies (and engagement!)
  11. Thaos is basically a level 12 Priest with really high Attributes. He starts the fight by buffing himself, then his statues, then continuously cycles through level 7-8 Priest nukes, stopping only to heal or reapply buffs whenever they wear off. At least one of the nukes is an area DoT that does not show up in the combat log (probably level 8 "Spark the Souls of the Righteous"). If you neither disable him nor force him to heal/rebuff, he has more than enough nukes to wipe a level 12 party on Hard (e.g. by casting Cleansing Flame on all of your party members in turn, repeatedly). It's worth n
  12. Counterpoint: The only IE game I've played was Planescape: Torment. I have not played any of the Neverwinter games, either. PioE's reach extends well beyond nostalgic IE fans!
  13. He said "honest and harsh", not "sane and reasonable".
  14. This forum deserves a better class of troll. This thread is Steam Discussions tier.
  15. I believe the reason is budget, not sequel bait. More levels means more class skills, talents, more high level content. PioE has a tremendous amount and complexity of content for its budget, and enough problems with balancing it for the 12 levels it has.
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