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  1. Found this page on the wiki the other day, be warned it contains all the spoilers: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_endings
  2. Somewhere on the official wiki this feature is listed, so I'm guessing this is intended.
  3. Got an opinion to share on bloody slaughter? I've been disapointed with it every time I've taken it, I'm really surprised to see it here.
  4. So when I dump a ton of animal skins in my stash chest they all stack making the stash easy to browse, and when I take them out of my stash chest the stack size changes. Similarly when I buy camping supplies/lockpicks they are all stacked together in the shop rather then each individually having their own line. Since this functionality is already there, wouldn't it be possible to just enable it for everything else as well so when I loot 10 dead dudes my stash would have the 10 armors/hats/shields/weapons each only using 1 space? And then also do the same for shops so after I sell those 40 items the shop gets 1 line for each (like for lockpicks) rather then 40 lines?
  5. Hello, didn't chekc much yet, but this seems like lots of time and effort went in, thanks! edit: wooaaaahh using this it might be possible to get 6 pairs of boots of speed
  6. :nuke: Haha wowow. This post just above mine. :nuke:
  7. - There are 3 teams in this game, your team, the enemy team, and neutrals. - Your team is allied with neutrals, enemy team is enemy with neutrals. - Your team and neutral team's buffs affect both your team and neutral team, you can't attack/engage each other without force attack, you can't affect each other with foe only abilities. - When you do any damage or apply a debuff to a neutral all of current map's neutrals become part of enemy team. - Confusion/Charm/Dominate abilities make enemies into special neutrals: neutrals that won't become enemies when you do damage or debuff them and won't turn other neutrals into enemies if force attacked. - Confusion/Charm/Dominate from enemies make your team or neutrals into enemies. - You can see who is neutral by using IEMOD and enabling the option for blue selection circles for neutrals. I have no idea why neutrals aren't blue without the mod, it makes this kind of thing so confusing for no gain at all.
  8. Yeah, I'm sure it works with all (instant) spells. You can even see fire damage in the logs of the vid I posted at one point. Just wanted to confirm that I just spent a bit testing this and you are right, the fire lash chant adds a 25% fire lash (unaffected by might, regardless of what the icon tooltip says) to the majority of weapon attacks, abilities, and spells. Doesn't seem to work with DoTs and most raw damage abilities, so goodbye dream of one shotting adra dragon with disintegrate crit, but it works with things like returning storm and chill fog
  9. 1- The damage over time portion is not increased by spirit of decay talent 2- The combat log report shows incorrect damage over time for graze/crit 3- The combat log report of the damage over time portion does not take into account DR 4- Hovering over the debuff icon shows the same incorrect damage over time numbers as the combat log 5- Hovering over the debuff icon only show 2 autumn decay effects even if more then 2 autumn decay effects are applied 6- The character sheet debuff description show incorrect damage How to test: - choose a high endurance character victim, either completely naked or only wearing some corrosion DR - note victim health - have druid unload lots of autumn decay into victim - look at combat log / debuff icon / character sheet debuff description - note victim health Looks like other damage over time abilities might suffer from the same defects but I didn't test them thoroughly.
  10. Haha, I'm gonna go right ahead and guess that you 2 have never actually used this ability The reality is that this is a case of a dirty lying description, it is in fact more on the side of a hilariously overwhelmingly overpowered ablity. What it really does is 30 raw damage every 3 second for its duration, and it scales with both might and intellect. I believe there are less then 10 enemies in the entire game on the hardest difficulty that will survive a crit of disintegrate on a 20 might and 20 intellect cypher, and those will die to 2 crit (or 3 non crit) disintegrates edit: I just went and tested it on a 18 might 22 intellect cypher, a crit of disintegrate does roughly 430 raw damage.
  11. I tested automn decay a bunch when 1.05 came out and if i remember right the debuff displayed in character sheet was completed unrelated to reality, but the actual damage for 2 autumn decay would stack, but no more. When the third or more landed it would overwrite the oldest autum decay. I tested it by debuffing my highest endurance charater, then casting the spell lots of times at it. By noting the difference between the character's total health before the experiment and after and comparing to the combat logs I could try to figure out stuff.
  12. I had tested in... 1.04 or 1.03, can't remember, but then it seemed to speed up both attack speed and recovery speed when attacking with a wand (don't remember if it affected gun reload speed), but only speed up recovery speed but not casting speed for spells. Things might have changed since or I might have been mistaken.
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