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  1. Any section is better then technical section. This is place people look into only when having problems with the game. In fact, this section fits the most: Pillars of Eternity: Characters Builds, Strategies & the Unity Engine (Spoiler Warning!) Not that Characters Builds, Strategies have anything to do with Unity Engine, it's just that this section was chosen as place for any kind of modding of the game.
  2. On the other hand, each weapon has its own speed. If you dual wield fast and average speed weapon, each will attack on its own speed.
  3. I'd prefer enhanced edition (not DLC) that would first focus on adding more portraits for key NPCs (in this, game is truly lacking), then more variations on PC portraits (so there are actually portraits that can fit color shapes of character models) and last more voice over, in that order.
  4. Well, enhancement probably gives speed boost to one of the dual wielded weapons, and not both. I mean, why would it make other weapon faster then itself?
  5. This would really be moved to different subforum, otherwise it will get lost in between bug reports.
  6. Can you please raise priority of this bug? There are just so many requests to fix this issue. Also, if you plan to add any unique weapons in White March, it would be nice to have speed enchantment work, otherwise what would be the point to add speed mod to any of the expansion weapons exempt maybe to "troll" unfortunate item designer who is unaware of the bug.
  7. That is a good point. Hopefully sequels and expansions will add more on parts that look lacking now, including this issue.
  8. Its not just you. Maybe it is just an issue with Watcher story told in this game and not PoE universe itself. But, based on what is shown i story (ignoring any design documents since those are not formally part of the game), truly all races can be replaced with humans (exempt orlans and godlike), and you would not notice anything missing. My issue with this is that it creates token races, which are there just because they are expected and not because they are needed for the story. In my oppinion good story and setting should not have superficial elements. Everything should have pur
  9. The problem I see is that most of the races in the game do not add any value to the story. They are all there as "token" races (with few exceptions like Orlans), in the game to give player something to do in character creator. You could pretty much replace them with humans and there would be no difference in the story. This is most obvious with drawfes and elves which have almost no separate cultural indemnity, as well as with Aumanua, which are almost non-existent, story wise. I did not notice the issue at first, until I realized that when I see short bulky characters in t
  10. I have feeling that many of the races in PoE universe are underused, and that some are in the setting only for the token value. Let me explain, starting from positive cases. Orlan: As Obsidian original creation, there is really a lot of lore regarding orlans and situations were they make sense. The best example of good race use in the game. Pale elves: Not used much, but where used in the late part of the game they shine. Now come the mixed bags. Godlike: Great add-in to the setting, but cheapened, due to peppering whole game with glittering backer godlike NPCs tha
  11. For me, two tanks are the minimum. So, if I do not play tank character, those would be Eder and Pallegina. Eder with Defenter ability for +2 engagement and Pallegina with talent that adds +1 engagement. For off tanking, I'm using Sagani's fox companion, to pick of strays.
  12. Note that DR reduction effects do not affect lash. Attack would still use 25% of target original elemental DR as stopping point for lash damage.
  13. So, what exactly is "low endurance" for this spell?
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