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  1. I've been using these weapons preferentially only to discover the +20% attack speed buff is not being applied. I even did a quick test with 2 characters that have same Dex, removed their armor and equipped one with a weapon that has a speed buff and the other with a weapon of same type but no buff. To my abject horror they attacked at exactly the same speed...
  2. Maybe because of the new Grimoire animation when casting it.... It can't be used as an "opener" from scouting mode, wizard just stutters, sound effect plays and book opens, but no projectile and no result.
  3. Noticed this : - Right arm on female fine breastplate is borked..
  4. A list of some small omissions / bugs spotted in 1.0.5 Bestiary: - Ogre Druid Abilities : No description for Plague of Insects Xaurip Priest : No abilities - it clearly does have some, cause it wrecks my party with them. Spells / Potion Descriptions: Mirrored image description says +25 Deflection, it's +30 now (after latest patch).
  5. Really minor, but could be seen as confusing or misleading... Character sheet spell lists for druids, priests, wizards and ciphers (anyone with active spells gained) also include abilities that aren't spells or leveled. Abilities from items and racial passives also appear in the Level Spell list. e.g this Cipher has combusting wounds (item spell) and soul whip listed as level 3 cipher spells. Aloth had distant advantage and arcane assault appearing in the list as 3rd Level Wizard spells etc. Maybe need a seperate abilities section at the top and then learned level spells beneath.
  6. Is there an issue with fixing things retroactively in people's save games? I guess it depends what is stored and how? If not just abilities, but also what bonuses the abilities provide are being stored numerically (instead of referencing the game files and adding appropriate multipliers etc) that could be an issue across the board. I just had to disable achievements for my current game because 1.05 doesn't retroactively fix GM's perception intellect switch. Had to fix it manually, no biggy, but I don't really get why a lot of these things can't be checked for when loading saves. Maybe if you manually remove the rangers marked prey ability and re-enable it with console, that will fix it?
  7. The new tooltips for Interrupt, Accuracy etc on the character sheets are diificult to read because underlying text is rendered at the same brightness (or brighter for numbers) as the text in the tooltip. Note that numbers in the item slots are faded so don't appear while anything on the left of the character is bright.
  8. 1.0.5 notes say Grieving Mother's Perception and Intellect scores have been switched This is not retrospective right? Could it be coded to be so? In my saves she is still Per 17 (Base) Int 12 (Base). Couldn't this be fixed when a save is read? In the armor stats for DR are still missing when you look at armor details (introduced in the first 1.0.5 beta), I understand this has been reported though and hope it will be included in 1.0.5 release. It's quite awkward to compare armors at the moment. All the UI bugs I reported have been fixed in the latest beta. On the whole though 1.05 looks nice, lots of necessary features and fixes added.
  9. When I first saw this I thought this might be related to resolution also - its the new options menu sliders in [GAME]. They dont use full range, minimum values for all appear just over midway on the sliders, other sliders for sound etc seem fine, again 1600x1200 etc. Wasn't sure but maybe not scaled correctly for that res.
  10. 1600 X 1200 100% Font Size, looks the same on all font sizes actually.
  11. 1.05 beta. The tooltip background box for the new extended combat log data that is displayed when mousing over is not sizing correctly, making it a little difficult to read.
  12. The colour is not being reset from whatever previous character you viewed I think. i.e. I have a character with a unique weapon in off hand (yellow) then I click on a character with a fine 2- handed weapon (grey). The first slot is grey - the correct colour, but the second slot is yellow (from previous character I think). If I click on a charcter without a weapon in their off hand then the grey background on the 2-handed weapon on the next character I click on disappears. The colour for the second slot is not being reset when you you change characters. Similarly there is an item background colour issue with the stash when clicking between catagories. It you click on your weapons in stash and look at the "fine" grey icons and then click on the potions / consumables stash, you will notice that those slots that were grey in weapons are now grey in consumables! Those are some "fine" looking vegtables you have there - etc!...
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