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  1. What? You sad? It's really inconvenient to talk in typing that people can't see their faces and tones. I felt bad if I made you felt bad, so I replied. I don't know is the lure thing you mean is exactly the lure thing I mean. Got surrounded on a ground or triggered a trap the first time if the player is not care enought to see the clue (or aware enough to avoid the danger). If the player can't still win in that bad situation, failed and retry to lure the mobs to fight in the player's spot is fine. What I mean is to lure the mobs far away to make them return back, and the last one mob ha
  2. I think I made what I want to say quite clear. The rest is just denial and excuses. I think it's the value and culture gap thing. And I got some new informations that makes me happy. It's not a waste of time if some people want to try that move. I learn something new, because I don't have people like that around my world. Now I realise why vedio or computer games are considered comparatively low. Maybe it's the people who play it are more likely to be...that kind of people. Something like kid's behaviors. No wonder some people consider games is childish. I grew up alone and I love computer
  3. I mean people excuse themselves is the reason. Not new tactics or change the difficulty in a computer game can stop crime. It's quite obvious and you respond like a kid. People can only cheat like this, in a computer game, is because they are not qualified to do others. This nonsense again. Nobody cares what you do in your single-player game, you can crash the game intentionally every 5 minutes as far as I'm concerned, but you need to understand that awful "AI" scripts don't affect ONLY you. If I decide to lure a group of enemies to a choke point, I don't want that group of e
  4. Pretty much this. I also don't understand all the angst some people display at the thought that other people are having 'badwrongfun' in their own single player experience. People excuse themselves is the reason that laws were made to against rapists and other criminals to have their own badwrongfun. You choose to cheat instead of trying new tactics, or simply change difficulty. You are pretending to be awesome in a game. And you are a cheater.
  5. Make mobs as a team to fight with. And it is actual used in one pupular game I know. It's quite reasonable for mobs to call their comrades if you didn't kill the one in one shot. Right, it's necessary for solo exclusive wizard in some spots. If they want to play a multiple vs multiple game as a 1 vs all game and use the lure ****. I can't argue with that. If you think this is fine, don't bother telling me not to **** this ****. The game doesn't mean to play it that way, otherwise it would be a empty ground with mobs in distances for you to kill one by one. By the way, the
  6. I don't know why some players would do this **** and make stage design or mob location set no sense. They just lure the mobs far from their locations to make the mobs go back exclusive one and kill them one by one. Can't developers just fix the mobs to go back with faster move speed or high health regeneration. Or just simply game crash.
  7. Every physical damage dealer got full might, dexterity, and perception with low constitution, intellect, and resolve. DIFFERENT classes but SAME attributes. Classes should effect the maximum and minimum of attributes, and be STRICT. Like Fighter's constitution minimum is 14, not 9. Fix Endurance lower and gain the effect of constitution. Once one character was revealed, all characters were revealed. That is just stupid. Fix Blunting Belt +2 DR only, thank you. Why there is a glove gain melee damage 10% and rogue only glove gain only 10% damage of a 3 per rest ability?
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