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  1. he does have a point though, real dinosaurs today are not scary... they are lunch. KFC makes some great fried dinosaur
  2. its funny though how most people i know that followed that field of study are so much more inclined to choose fiction over fact... and present it as fact too
  3. the BLM movement's purpose was to create a situation that would favor Biden's race to the US throne. they cared about the problems of the black community just as much as Biden did in his 40 years in politics... because there is only one rule in politics "never solve a problem if you can't replace it with a bigger one" and in the history of USA, racial discrimination has been the biggest problem that everyone says they want to solve and nobody even attempts to do something about. in a society without problems, politicians stop being the leaders of the nation and become just public workers and n
  4. the media present the situation as a Trump coup attempt but in my opinion this is just the obvious outcome of decades of political failure.
  5. to set the record straight, the word is hebrew not latin.
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