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  1. i think i'll get an external drive and use it to make ISOs of every old game i have on CD/DVD. the drives are getting out of fashion and soon they won't even be supported by motherboards anymore.
  2. since i took the time to clean my keyboard and removed all keys from it, i decided to also fix a problem that has been driving me crazy since i got it: the fact that the left shift required me to press it very hard to make contact. so, since the keys were out, i took a file and ground the base a bit (half mm or so) and now the key makes contact without any effort. it could be a defect on just this keyboard or could be bad design on this model in general but whatever the case, i won't be buying a logitech keyboard again because most of all i don't like the key layout
  3. there was a problem with my experiment... i can't find the old HD4850 anywhere. well, i guess when the time comes to get a new PC, i'll get a new screen with it
  4. haven't done it yet, but i was thinking of a way to bypass the need for an adapter to connect my GPU's display port to the screens VGA. so i came up with the idea to plug in an old HD4850 with a VGA output and connect that to the screen. the basic idea is for my RX470 to do the work and then pass the signal through the HD4850 to send to the screen. this way i avoid the myriad of drawbacks the adapter has, but i don't know if it can be done and what impact it may have on performance. google has been very unhelpful in search for info on the subject so i guess i'll have to go with trial and error... or send a request to AMD's support for info on if it can be done and how
  5. A hipster sued a newspaper for using his picture in an article called "Why all hipsters look the same". Later was revealed that the hipster on the picture was a different person.
  6. aka, we believe in whatever fits our agenda this week
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