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  1. just like every other company, they kept quiet about gay rights while the gays fought for them and were all proud supporters of the gay cause once the gays won... of course in countries where the gays do not have rights, the companies do not support their cause... they wouldn't want to lose profits after all for the sake of a minority. same goes for every other cause they claim to support. their support is just a PR stunt for the sake of marketing "look how much we care, come buy our products"
  2. this is fake, everyone knows that wheat sharks have stripped fins
  3. my brother couldn't help himself, he went and got a PS4 just to play FF7 remake. he could have waited for it to come to PC next year, he could have gotten a PS5 and that version of the game at the end of the year but noooo he just had to spend money on a brand new PS4 at the end of that generation's life... he probably doesn't intend to play any other game on it either since he's mostly an indi guy
  4. and people say there is no proof that birds are dinosaurs
  5. i showed this to some italians. they were confused about the bottle part and then they googled it and called the pope to start a crusade against USA for this sacrilege against cheese
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