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  1. the sea is far from where i live so i don't go often and today i got a bit more sun than i should. now my shoulders are so hot from that, you can fry an egg on them because i didn't have enough melanin in my skin to avoid a sunburn. and yes, i used sunblock but it has barely a fraction of the advertised effectiveness.
  2. i sleep about 6 hours each night and no naps during the day... but i sleep like a log
  3. being someone with a complex that made me feel like i'll be made fun of for anything i do since childhood, i never developed a handwriting style. i always tried to make my writing as similar to printed letters as possible sometimes i feel like the dog that chases it's tail without being aware that that tail is part of it's own body. when i do anything i feel like everyone is judging me and even if i'm completely alone, i feel like there is one me doing it and another me watching and shaking it's head in shame. this is a state of mind i remember having since i was 8 or 9 years old and by the time i realized that it was a mental disorder i was too old to care anymore.
  4. i know the feel. back in university i had found my soulmate, the only girl ever for whom i felt more than just lust. 6 months in our relationship she got hit by a drunk driver at a bus stop. the only thing you can do is wait it out until you become accustomed to your loved one not being there.
  5. at login, the forum asked me to update my info with my birth date... so i put today
  6. i actually blame my mother for it. his car was supposed to be scrapped 4 years ago when the engine was blown because the coolant pump died during a trip and the car just shut down on its own due to overheating. my mother, for sentimental reasons, decided to pay herself for a new engine but for a then 16 year old car, the only possible engine would be from a scrapyard and so it was that an engine barely in better condition than his original dead engine was put in the car and he's been fixing it ever since. with all the money that was wasted to keep that car, he could have gotten a much newer used car that would have none of the problems
  7. the engine of my brother's car overheated a bit when he strained it to go uphill. its a 20 year old car and the engine has had problems before and burns oil. so he stopped to let it cool down a bit and despite my warning to not do it, he decided to open the cap for the coolant to see if the tank is full. being very hot and in a pressurized system, the coolant formed a small geyser as soon as the cap was off and burned him from head to toe but mostly the right hand that he used to open the cap and cover his face. fortunately none of it went in his eyes and he had a towel over the cap when he opened it (used it because it was too hot to touch, which should have been a warning to leave it be) and that protected him a bit from worse burns. as soon as it happened i grabbed some bottles of water and poured it on him to wash off the boiling coolant and cool down the skin and we went straight to the hospital where they kept him for 2 hours with an IV full of painkillers and antibiotics, because all burns are considered infected wounds by default. thanks to the quick washing off, most burns on his torso and head did only superficial damage to the skin that will be healed in a couple of days but his right hand is now almost double in size and red like a soviet flag from the heat it absorbed but the actual damage is not serious because the coolant did not stay on for too long.
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