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  1. have you heard that Micro$oft has bought Zenimax media with all its subsidiaries like Bethesda, id, Arkane etc?
  2. a guy in a ferrari was at the red light and a guy in a vw came next to him and was pressing hard on the gas making noise. the guy in the ferrari thought it was a race challenge and as the light went green he went off like a rocket. at the next red light, he saw the vw coming from behind with the engine screaming at full rpm. as the vw stopped next to him, the driver started making gestures and saying something that he couldn't hear through the closed window and he thought he was repeating his challenge. he went off again until the next red light and a soon after he saw the vw coming up to him again screaming and the driver started making gestures trying to say something he decided to open the window and asked the vw driver "why are you trying to race me? can't you see that i'm in a ferrari and you are in a vw? you can't win!" and the other guy said "no man, i'm not trying to race you i'm just trying to ask how to change to second gear"
  3. the Shrek inspired sexual fantasy is inverse. he should be in the donkey costume and she in the dragon costume
  4. i was in the hospital yesterday because my brother had a pain in his arm (doc said he pulled a tendon) and while the doctor was checking on his arm i went to grab something to drink and saw a couple of doctors who were on break and were not wearing masks despite them being obligatory. so i went over and asked them about it. they said that most of the staff in the hospital wears a mask because they must, not because they think it offers any relevant protection (only surgical masks offer worthwhile protection) and the medical community at large is not in agreement with the government sponsored doctors who go on tv to inform people. also, one of them mentioned that any protective measure taken will only slow down the spread but cannot stop it. at best you can delay mass infections to keep the health system from bottlenecking and hope that some medication will become available to mitigate some of the damage the virus does and reduce the number of people who will have to be hospitalized but sooner or later we all will get it.
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