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  1. i know where it all went wrong... i was born unlucky and i can't win the lottery so i can idle my life away
  2. i changed the thermal paste of my graphics card today. it's 3 years that it worked on the stock paste that was completely dried out by now and it was hitting 82C with the fans at 100%. i put in some TG kryonaut and now it runs at 68C with the fans at 40%. the paste is 7 euro/gram but its worth every cent
  3. i was doing my taxes. fortunately its quite easy. after i let an accountant do it the first time, i looked at the papers and decoded what goes where and why and then i started doing it myself (the whole thing is done online and most entries are filled in automatically by referencing bank account movements so there is little i have to add) and this is the funny part: out of all my family i have the lowest income since i was unemployed for most of 2018 and yet i'm the only one who has to pay taxes. all the previous years that i had an income my tax was 0 and now that my income is almost 0 i have to pay
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