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  1. what's more impressive is that 29% of the audience gave the wrong answer
  2. this guy died too. but his legend will live on
  3. "The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" did it before it was cool
  4. i got a new case for my pc this Saturday because the old one was OLD... like 2005 old and it didn't fit the CPU cooler so i had it open for almost 2 years now. the new had 3 intake fans but no fan to push out the hot air. at first i thought to just move an intake fan to the back but then i decided it will ruin the looks so i ordered a new fan for the back which was supposedly in stock but it took them till today to notify me to go get it. its impressive how much of a difference a good exhaust fan makes, something i had forgotten with the open case
  5. every system has its pros and cons. the problem as i, an outsider, see it in USA is the "muh freedom" mentality that corporations make extensive use of to rile up people against any attempt by the government to put their corporate greed on a leash. every time the US government tries to reign in the greed of corporations for the sake of the population, these corporations engage in long and costly misinformation campaigns in the media to convince the population that their freedom is at stake and set them against the government. this has created a situation where the average american has to juggl
  6. i don't personally know how things work in USA but all i see around are reddit posts like this and news reports of similar nature. they all talk about people going bankrupt because of healthcare costs so i make the assumption that the cost is prohibitive for the average person
  7. most of the reports i've seen around on youtube from clips of US news and talk shows, talk about how people there go bankrupt because of medical expenses and how insurance companies are preferring to fly people to mexico to buy their medication because a round trip is cheaper than paying for meds on USA. they say that even for people with a well payed job, paying that 20-25% copay part is at times costing more than they make in a year if they come down with something serious and need to be hospitalized.
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