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  1. Seriously, this "censorship" (non) issue and the insanity it's set off make me sad for the internet, many people on these boards, and society in general (exaggeration intended). Reminds me of riots where people are so easily whipped into a frenzy. It's backer content, it's irrelevant to the game, and it's potentially offensive to some people. The author opted to change it to avoid issues for Obsidian (yeah, that worked). It's a non-issue. Let's all move on. The amount of people on here carrying on is astounding...with their "I'll never give them another dollar", "I won't ever support anything else they ever do ever in my whole life", "So disappointed, they caved, let's all band together and (try to) ruin this company that just spent years making an amazing game that we've all been asking for, which they actually delivered on, but that's all beside the point because they edited some irrelevant text which most people don't even bother reading anyway because before this issue exploded we were all complaining about how 'immersion-breaking' the backer-created content was, but that doesn't matter now because we have something to get excited about and pretend we're all in 'V for Vendetta'...Fight the power!" Wow. Yes, I know not everyone is that 'frothy', and some people are attempting to raise calm, rational arguments relating to censorship (which this issue is not)...but it all just seems...misguided. I applaud Obsidian's phenomenal game. I'm fine with how they handled the situation. I like Firedorn's re-write better than the original...more well written and clever anyway. There is plenty of material in this game which speaks to Obsidian's willingness to tackle sensitive topics in their own way (ie. not pandering to get a PG rating). Their communication with the backer, and the backer's decision to edit their submission, is a sensible solution to theoretically avoid unnecessary drama over an irrelevant blip in the game. Problem solved...except for their vocal slice of backers and supporters who are now the ones creating all the drama. Sheesh. I've been a backer since day one of the Kickstarter, and am overjoyed at what they've delivered. To Obsidian: I suspect, as is usually the case, that the forums are full of a vocal minority. I suspect that many people like myself who are fine with what's occurred have not taken the time to post on here because, as mentioned, it's a non-issue. I finally stopped to add my 2 cents because the exaggeration, vitriol, and drama in the past couple weeks honestly left me feeling astounded. Now, that that's sorted...please get back to working on future patches and the expansion! )
  2. Interesting to see how everyone approaches it. Off for me. Started playing on expert mode. Like some others, I'm just playing the way it feels my character would respond.
  3. Hmm...that's odd. My wolf goes into scouting mode just fine? I can't be sure if the animation is different (ie. crouching down), but he definitely walks slowly as if creeping with the rest of the crew.
  4. Ha! Different strokes for different folks. lol I just find it a bit silly to have a flaming torch hanging by your leg...your cloak...etc... Yowch!
  5. Ok, thanks for that. I just wanted to see if I had missed it or something. I'll keep pressing on. )
  6. Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having this issue? I made it to Gilded Vale and spoke with Eder (one of the 'known' companions). I just followed the natural flow of the conversation...don't recall telling him to "pi** off" or anything...and he basically ended the conversation saying "Welcome to our fair town" or something. Now, whenever I speak to him he just says that and ends dialogue. Have I somehow missed the opportunity to recruit him? I don't recall offending him or anything (ie. some reason he wouldn't offer to join up). Thanks in advance for any feedback! In the meantime, I've had to recruit an adventurer from the inn, but I'd rather have the scripted companions in my party!
  7. Wasn't sure if this is the right place to put minor bugs like this? If you have a torch equipped as a weapon, and then switch to another weapon set, your unequipped weapons are show 'holstered' on your character model...except that the torch which is now hanging by your leg is still burning! ) Just thought I'd pass it along for a patch. Cheers
  8. I'm pretty sure it means the enemy is flanked by you and your party member. Much like D&D, even if you're not attacking them, your party member is still getting a flanking bonus.
  9. ...groan...Obsidian. First of all, thanks for an awesome game. Well worth the wait from the time of the kickstarter! Seriously, how awesome is it to be playing an IE-style game again, but updated for today? How great is it to be running around at night with a torch? What great visuals!...and fighting with one? Yeah. The sign of a great game for me? Waking up with a "hangover"...ie. waiting until the kids have gone to bed so I can finally sit down at the computer to play a game, and realising it's 3am and I'd really better go get some sleep before the sun starts coming up. Groaning because I'm tired, and realising I'll probably do the same thing again tomorrow! And looking forward to it! Curse y...I mean Bless you, Obsidian!
  10. It's not really a spoiler? He hasn't said what any of the text is, hasn't given away anything about the story, and it might help someone avoid confusion when they go to play the game?
  11. I'm not sure it's all that simple to implement. I think you'd need a whole new set of character animations (for EACH character combination, model, armor, etc)? Doesn't really bother me that much. If I feel like walking in a situation, I just go into Slow mode and the party 'runs' at walking pace. A bit less jarring than jogging through the inn, for example. ) Slightly off topic...slow mode in combat is the best feature ever!
  12. I played the IE games back in the day, so I ended up playing on 'Hard' with 'Expert' turned on. So far, no real issues. I've died a couple times, but most fights I've been making it through ok. Seems a good challenge that I'm sure will ramp up.
  13. Yep, I think they're all Kickstarter NPCs. I suppose the backers submitted the "soul stories"? They're basically just there to read and add some flavour to the world.
  14. I've not started yet, but am leaning towards Hard and Expert. Does anyone know the specific difference between Normal and Hard? More enemies in mobs? Changes to damage and health? Etc?
  15. I reckon there's an element here of changing the way we think about this...new world, new setting, new lore. If one's 'power' is derived from their soul, then maybe those who can wield their soul-power effectively ARE the walking, talking bad-ass fighters of this realm. Fighter with little to no soul-power...meat shield. Cipher with big soul-power and weapon skills...double threat. Maybe it IS lopsided, but maybe it fits the lore of the realm? Just hypothesizing...
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