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  1. I just had Aloth join my party, and man, he can't take a punch. Sometimes he gets one-shotted, and this is on EASY mode. Also, he seems to be an aggro magnet. What am I doing wrong? Is there a secret to keeping him alive, other than keeping him in the back of the line? Thanks!
  2. I'm having some trouble with my wizard casting AoE's and cones. The problem is, my other characters, particularly melee, tend to run right into these spells at the start of the fight. Is there a way to avoid this? Do I have my wizard start the fight by casting from the front, then run him to the back of the pack? Thanks!
  3. Right now, the wizard I had join my party seems more like a hindrance than anything, since he can only cast a few spells before having to camp. Does this change at higher levels? Or is it better to just not roll with a wizard in the party? Thanks!
  4. Could be! The stag doesn't fade out, but he does walk slowly with the rest of the group. I haven't noticed him actually giving away stealth yet...
  5. As far as I can tell, my stag isn't entering scouting mode with the rest of my party. He isn't fading out. Are ranger pets not able to scout? If they move with a party that's in scout mode, do they give it away to enemies? If so, is this a huge pain in the butt, making it better to just not use a ranger? Thanks!
  6. I'm just getting back into single-player RPG's...I'm so out of practice. How is the difficulty of this game compared to Divinity: Original Sin? Is combat easier or harder? Is it less or more difficult to figure out where to go for quests? Which has the most advanced character development with the greatest chance to create a worthless build? Thanks!
  7. I've been holding off on buying PoE until the first major patch. I understand that the patch notes for the first one have been released. When will this patch become available? Does it fix most of the game-breaking bugs? Thanks!
  8. I'm very interested in getting PoE. However, I don't want my experience to be marred by new-release bugs. From what I've read, there are currently some pretty serious, game-breaking ones. Would I be better off waiting for the first big patch? Any idea when this is coming? Thanks!
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