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  1. I also was just wondering this...I noticed you can flag something in the shop to compare, but I can't figure out what it is comparing it to. How does this work?
  2. Very cool, really enjoying Deadfire, more than the first actually!
  3. Ooo pale elves! I especially love the 2nd one, nice work!
  4. These are really great. I dislike most watercolor portraits in the base game, wish I could replace all of them with real ones, but these watercolor versions are very pretty and detailed. Where is your own profile portrait from? Thanks! And I'm not sure where I originally got my profile portrait or my main char portrait either. I've been collecting images for custom portraits in games for ages. Here's a larger version though, if you like!
  5. I think someone did these before me too, but thought I would add my watercolor versions of Aloth and Tekehu (Can't have the two men I flirt with looking lame while we talk ). Edit - Adding the originals for compariston
  6. This was not requested but here's what I did for my main. I like that there's an almost-matching hat in game I adjusted the watercolor versions, adding them here if anyone wants them:
  7. I had slept at an inn and chose one of the options that gives a buff, didn't choose any food ( can you do that at an inn?) and it didn't clear it. Anyway eventually it changed to a hangover which was cured by resting. The thing is, I never actually DRANK any arrack. I might have had it on my ship's food supply, do we eat that food/drnk? I guess that makes sense...if so they're never getting any booze because I do not want a dex debuff on my main char!
  8. I just noticed that my main character has a debuff from Arrack. I haven't drank any on purpose, and I can't figure out how to get rid of the debuff. Anyone know? Sleeping in an inn did not remove it.
  9. I have the same issue. But if I turn off Reckless Assault, quicksave, then quickload, then turn it back on it is ok. PITA but works for me until they fix it!
  10. Well, it will cancel now...but I am now having an issue where the effect multiplies. Look at the description, and my deflection is down to -49! Completely started over and now there is this...reaaaly hope I don't have to start over again when/if they fix it:
  11. It is still bugged, even with a new game (I started a new one). Going to have to quit until it's fixed, as it totally ruins my main character.. Look at the description of the skill, it looks like it just keeps adding up:
  12. Now how is any of this spoiler free? Everyone made a big deal about my post about the flavor text (which wasn't actually spoilers at all), when you all are discussing specific SPOILER encounters! Double standard people, sheesh. And to be on topic, I didn't notice anyone healing in that fight, but I did wait until I had 3 in my party before attempting it.
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