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  1. So..it's been a long while now, any word on this? I mean you guys have announced an expansion and us Mac users still can't even see our cloaks. May I ask why I should put faith into this expansion and buy it while the mac users seem to not be cared for? Note: I am a fan of the game, i just want the mac client to work as intended. What if something else doesn't work for the mac client in the expansion? As of now, I know for sure it won't get fixed.
  2. Is the wolf companion stats fixed or is it still all 10? I couldn't see it in the patch notes, hoping its either not written or i've missed it. Please tell me it's fixed.
  3. Nakia, you contradict yourself. The companions in the game are exactly that. Intelligent and capable beings as part of our adventure group. If you've had your way and we've had these "romances" people will immediately become sex objects and all regards to their persobality opinion or anything else will be obsolete. How do people expect me to feel emotionally attracted to a character who I have only known for such a small amount of time and only been able to talk through what the writers chose me to is shocking even after playing games for decades. Are you guys this easy to fall for someone in
  4. there's a console command for this. And no it doesn't disable achievements. It's just lacking the UI to be used in settings.
  5. I think you would've. I picked up that game a long time after release. Picked up the enhanced edition along with the first game for like 4.75, and really enjoyed it. So next time, let's wait to buy a game. That sucks though as these amazing devs can really use the initial sales.
  6. Yeah I do, this is a long game. Also it has the possibility of my story continuing with dlcs. There have been plenty of non-retroactive fixes, or changes. I'm just gonna have to keep waiting for the game to be more polished then. The game has potential for me to wait btw, no complaints. I'm a patient man.
  7. Seeing as how the final patches seemed to have slowed down a lot, and this latest 1.05 steam update seems very appealing, and that I really want to play for reals with most of the things optimized/solved/fixed/improved, I was thinking on signing up for the beta on steam so i can get the update and play. How has your experience with it been? Tl;DR: How's the steam beta update worked for you? Would recommend?
  8. Dude, same. I'm extremely seriously looking forward to this. And very upset that besides acknowledging it once, they haven't seemed to care.
  9. I've noticed this as well. But it's been a long day, and i want to start my play through after the patch. Can someone make a TL;DR version on how to avoid this bug? It'd be swell man.
  10. Yeah I'm in favor of enemy npcs using the same classes, features and limitations as us. More realistic and fair that way. If I'm fighting a bleak walker, and I'm a bleak walker myself, it'd be silly that he can somehow use his abilities unlimited times while I cant. Just as an example
  11. I'd rather see our class having an effect in the game outside of combat much more than actually more classes. (Class specific quests, events, dialogue. I know it exists a bit, but increasing this would make me happier than if I got a new class)
  12. Yeah, disappointed by the lack of two handed battle axes and war hammers. How can an rpg in this theme miss such iconic weapons? Weird.
  13. After seeing hundreds of posts about it (at least 3 of them being mine) we finally had a dev merely acknowledge that somewhere during the production mac's stopped showing capes properly. (Linux doesn't support shroud so that's a different issue entirely, this is about Macs). I just want to raise this issue once again, because after talking about it since release, we only managed to get merely a single "yeah, it doesn't work. idk why" response, and i want them to know we care about this issue and would like it to get worked on. At least for me, it's an important problem. I'd like it to be n
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