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  1. What's a proper two handed axe? A dane axe? I think it's too archaic for POE's setting. Or perhaps this: https://youtu.be/hYcObL61MsE?t=764 Dane axe is good (and ihmo is ok for POE setting) but, of course, the axe in the video is the common-fantasy-style-axe: maybe not so useful (or common) in real combat but we are speaking about weapons in a fantasy world. Bye Phant
  2. Just one request (prayer): please model a proper Two-Handed-Axes in Deadfire and leave out those awful Poleaxe. Plaese. Bye Phant
  3. I'm guessing that the devs wanted to ground he weaponry in our reality, and apparently axes like the one in your avatar were never a thing in combat. Double-bitted axe were either ceremonial (in Greece) or forestry tools. Speaking about RL your exception is ok: of course Axe of my avatar is a fantasy representation (or maybe only cerimonial weapon) but in the past Axes were often used in melee battles. Not commons as sword of course, but, anyway, they were used. That said we are speaking about fantasy game: imho POE is wery well designed but considering that combat is main of gameplay
  4. Agree. Also don't understand Estocs and Pikes. Bye Phant
  5. I'm little bit disappointed about the lack of RPG iconic/classic two-handed Axe weapon. Pollaxe is a complety different weapon that haven't nothing to do with. Don't understand the devs choice. What do you think guys? It will be possible to do a properly two-handed Axe as future update? Bye Phant
  6. Someone know if this is the final design for Two-Handed Axes? Thanks in advance! Bye Phant
  7. Is it possible to see some pics of two-handed axe from POE Beta? Thanks in advance! Bye Phant
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