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  1. This worked! Awesome, thanks a ton. I was bummed about this not being fixed in the beta, but now I can play again without being super overpowered or forced to only use ranged.
  2. My steam now shows [beta], but when I launch the game, I see 1.03.0533 in the menu screen. Should this be 1.04 ? If it turns out I AM in the beta...I'm disappointed, because the reckless assault stacking bug is still in effect, making me not want to continue playing anymore :/
  3. It's my main guy, sadly. I'll probably just finish the game playing him ranged...which sucks because his talents and skills are more melee focused,
  4. Damn...reloading doesn't help. Neither does swapping or unequipping weapons. Turning off reckless assault doesn't actually turn it off.... Weird bug! I guess I'll just play ranged only, since it doesn't apply there.
  5. Tonight I noticed that at one point, all of a sudden my rogue was 1-shotting EVERYTHING. Every hit was for 250-400 damage, with a crit. I looked at my character sheet, and my accuracy was 184/193, the damage 205-300, 143-207. Scrolled down, and it looked like reckless assault was applied a few dozen times?! This included dropping deflection to -71. Has anyone seen this? I'm going to save and relaunch the game, see if it goes away. It's nice doing so much damage...but will pretty much kill my enjoyment of the game.
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