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I just noticed that my main character has a debuff from Arrack. I haven't drank any on purpose, and I can't figure out how to get rid of the debuff. Anyone know? Sleeping in an inn did not remove it.

It should be treated the same as an injury, so resting with a food bonus should clear it.  If resting at an Inn isn't clearing it, that might be a bug.


But as a test, I just had Eder eat some of his Wacky Tobaccy (Whiteleaf), and got the Whiteleaf debuff afterwards.  Resting with a food bonus cleared it right up, as it was supposed to.

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I had slept at an inn and chose one of the options that gives a buff, didn't choose any food ( can you do that at an inn?) and it didn't clear it.   Anyway eventually it changed to a hangover which was cured by resting.  The thing is, I never actually DRANK any arrack.  I might have had it on my ship's food supply, do we eat that food/drnk?  I guess that makes sense...if so they're never getting any booze because I do not want a dex debuff on my main char!  

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