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  1. This sub forum only for 1.0.4 beta. Post it on Tech support.
  2. y if u buy it u need check stronghold treasury chest
  3. Thank u for u answer. I make same tests. Its work when u receive crit but not always or if u receive crit from melee attacks. Corrosive damage not trigger it. Or mb spell holding effect have any global culdown? In first fight i have proc after crit, but no1 in second. U can see on screen no procs from all sources. http://i.imgur.com/cQnkrQ6.jpg
  4. Not working correctly in this patch aswell. Screenshots http://imgur.com/a/t9Yb5. If need i can link save aswell.
  5. Where we can send any reports?) i mean when testing beta version.
  6. I see only 1 minus in this game. BUGS. But it will be nerfed in next patches.
  7. About blade u need 4 parts last 1 on lvl 12 Od Nua. If u have not 4parts u have not dialog aswell.
  8. its bugged only in old safes if u start new game this bug is terminated.
  9. its not work in second patch, but we must understand developers have a lot of work this other content and fix this item later.
  10. I am test it on mobs a lot of time. Same times its proc nearly battle end and work after battle end) Same times its never proc but u character can die. Mehanic is easy here. If u check this priest spell its healing u on 7 endurance every second (without any armour). If u equip Lether armour its -30% activation speed u receive 7 endurance every 1,3 seconds for 20 sec (its base). O new patch comming let me test.
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