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  1. Just to be 100% sure that I've understood everything ok. In the products entry for the expansion, it says: "You will gain immediate access to Part I of The White March and, when it is released, you will automatically gain access to Part II." That means there won't be a second key to redeem for the second part of the expansion, right? Part II will just get added in our platform of choice to people having redeemed Part I, right?
  2. It's a bit contradictory saying that no major issues are addressed and then asking them for the expansion. Most probaby, those issues are not addressed yet because they put a big chunk of their team to work on the expansion (i'd prefer it was the other way around, honestly). But anyway, I wouldn't hope the expansion to be released at least until christmas (best case scenario).
  3. Asking for companion's attributes to be changeable is absurd, they are as integral to the characters as their biographies and dialogue. Those who want to change a character that much would be better off just creating their own full party.
  4. In moments like that I wish Steam hadn't removed the option to disable auto-updates. Why? the update is not gonna delete your saves, just convert them to 1.05 format and make a backup. It couldn't have been made in a better manner, most developers would have gone "Incompatible saves, bad luck" and that would have been it. In fact one has to commend Obsidian for all the care they are putting in making bugfixes as retroactive as possible too, that's something uncommon.
  5. The autopause bugs in which "weapon ineffective" was triggered by the enemy's weapon being ineffective (instead of yours) and "spell cast" was triggered by your characters casting a spell (instead of the enemy casting a spell), have been fixed. More info: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72471-auto-pause-on-weapon-ineffective-confusing-bugged/
  6. Just read the full review, still haven't played the game. Besides the tone, that some people will maybe find patronizing but I find just funny, most of the time he's basing his critiques in easily verifiable points (copypasted enemies, autopilot combat due to excessive xp gains, character progression mostly affected by leveling and not equally by items or player choices). So I think that at least he doesn't write like pulling things out of his ass, it would be easy to play the game looking for the points he's making and deciding if the facts on which he's supporting his reasoning are true or
  7. Thanks for your answers. I think I'll maybe start tentatively playing once 1.05 enters beta.
  8. I've been avoiding playing the game since release hoping for Obsidian to fix as many bugs as possible, but reading the support forums depresses me a bit, since it makes it look like just a few bugs have been fixed and new ones are being discovered constantly. However I'm aware that that could be just a perception, because probably not all the reported bugs are reported correctly, etc. So I'd like to obtain an objective assessment (as objective as possible, at least) of the state of the game, specifically how many things still don't work "as intented". Ideally, what I'd really like is Obsidia
  9. I hate to bump this thread (really, I don't want to be a pain in the ass). But I'd like to have some confirmation that, now that the character hit autopause bug has been fixed, the spell cast autopause bug has been added to the bug database along with the weapon ineffectiive one. Just so I can rest assured that they are known and in the list to be fixed eventually.
  10. The only auto-pause that's really useful is pause when enemy spotted. I wouldn't let waiting for any other autopause option fix keep you from enjoying the game. You'll need to smack the space bar about 3 times per second anyways. Not if you also activate the 2 second autopause. Anyway, the problem is that the bug also causes the feedback in the combat log to be wrong, and that's important to me.
  11. Great job, although I'm a bit disappointed that a fix for "Weapon ineffective" and "Spell cast" autopause options inverse behaviour is not on the list. Maybe on 1.05, I'm actually wating for those fixes to start playing the game, since I make heavy use of autopause.
  12. I hope that if 1.04 is released this week as it says in the support FAQ, 1.05 is no further than 2 weeks after that. I actually haven't started the game yet, if it's gonna be such a big patch, it seems like a good moment to start.
  13. No, not always. When a criticism is backed by measurements, statistics and proofs, it is objective. When it's backed by feelings, it's subjective. An example would be, let's say, a workload control software that gets installed in a company. The objective of the software is finding how much real work any given employee does per week. Then let's say that one employee finds a flaw in the way the calculations of the hours are made, and realizes the system is not fulfulling its objectives; then he makes several tests to be sure his observations are not casual, and presents those tests as pr
  14. It seems that maybe my lack of english skills has made it difficult for me to explain myself clearly and therefore for some people to understand my point. I'm not against criticizing gameplay systems in itself, but, as my original post states, against criticizing them because you just don't like them at a gut level, or because they are dissimilar the systems on previous games you have played and you don't want to make the effort to learn them. I am however, totally supporting of criticizing a certain gameplay by using arguments and proofs. But that's not the kind of critics that I found sadd
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