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  1. I agree, with scaling up turned on PotD v1.1 stays somewhat challenging even in later levels (with companions party at least). Early levels can be brutal, for my playthrough I even had to slightly tone down the PotD bonuses to accuracy and defenses.
  2. Flat bonus + 2 to Armor and Penetration on PotD now. Not sure if it does scale on top of that. Veteran vs. PotD (btw. values are moddable now):
  3. Additional Custom AI actions (switching weapons and modals) are very cool, thanks.
  4. I agree, enemies with a base level relatively high to what is the location level certainly shows weaknesses of the level scaling system which this mod exacerbates even further. The main culprit are, IMO, some of the locations which have their level set too low for what is their enemy base level and it really throws the balance off sometimes. It can go weird like this: Spawning a base level 6 enemy in a level 1 location against a level 6 party would result in a 10 level enemy on vanilla and 13 level enemy with my mod. Spawning a base level 6 enemy in a level 4 location against a leve
  5. Just out of curiosity, is there any kind of problem with singing up on Nexus?
  6. Reposting my answer to this question on Nexus: When in doubts whether the mod is working properly, the best way would be comparing the accuracy and defense values against vanilla. You would need to uninstall the mod but you can reinstall it again once you check the vanilla values without the need to start a new game. You should also load a save game from before you entered the location you want to test. The amount of bonus levels gained from scaling should depend on the difference between the player's level and a set location level, not enemies level. That's how the game works - at lea
  7. Yeah, I'm aware of this but sadly, this mod needs to change "MaxLevelAdjustment" value for each character, that is 1748 modified objects in total. It would be pointless to create a separate file with so many modified objects so I need to find a way how to extract just the "MaxLevelAdjustment" object. I was not successful yet. I'll try to look into it more.
  8. I've found -30% to XP works better for later levels and -50% for early levels (I switched from -50% to -30% during single gameplay). But it is a gamestyle dependent tweak and I doubt we would be able to find a single value working for everyone. The advantage is you can change it anytime.
  9. Thanks! Eventual future updates to the mod will be uploaded on Nexus, here's the link: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/24 Link to the mod thread here on Obsidian forums: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100039-mod-level-scaling-mod-released/
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I've just tested the encounter with Nomu the Marauder with my level 10 party and the barbarians are at level 11 (+30 bonus) and Nomu himself has level 12 (+33 bonus). In vanilla (with the mod uninstalled and scaling turned on, all, only up), they are of level 8 (+21 bonus) and 9, respectively. Nomu has base class level 5 (and I assume his barbarians are 1 level lower), so it appears that you don't have scaling turned or it is not working properly. Could you please test the 2nd encounter without the mod and check it again?
  11. This mod aims to increase the game difficulty by altering enemy's level progression, however it is more of a band-aid partial fix rather than a proper solution to current issues with PoE 2 difficulty. Also please bear in mind the mod is still work in progress and hasn't been thoroughly tested and balanced yet. What does it do: Enemy's levels are increased globally. This has been done by increasing the level scaling values by 2-3 in progressiontable gamedatabundle file. Note that actual level increase depends on the difference between the player's level and location level (see below). E
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