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  1. I guess the question is also about shield bashes in general. Unarmed attacks are affected by Confident Aim and the bash of Tuotilo's Palm benefits from things that affect unarmed attacks. Or at least the wording on it's upgrades make that seem to be the case. If the item can proc Confident Aim, does it need small shield proficiency or does it use the automatic unarmed one?
  2. Nerfing is good because it makes selecting abilities a real choice instead some of them just being obviously 100 times better than others. This makes the game much more fun as you are incentivized to use a spell that is good for a certain situation rather than just always spam the same few overpowered ones. Deadfire was completely unplayable on release if you wanted to be challenged by the combat. Even on hardest difficulty the game became a complete joke halfway through. Its in so much better state now even if the balancing done by obsidian is still pretty poor compared to what is seen in multiplayer games. Asking a dev to not change the game for the better when it has huge balance issues is really weird. And if you really hate change so much you can always play the release version. I guess you cant do that with the DLC thou. I do agree with you that buffing a lot of the bad abilities would be good and while obsidian did some of that there are still a lot of really bad spells that are almost never worth using over their competition.
  3. Woedicas challenge sounds really interesting but some heals like lay on hands being combat only clash with that in pretty annoying manner. Would be amazing if those were made to be usable outside of combat.
  4. I feel like the problem of deadfire becoming too easy is more about encounters not scaling hard enough with levels rather than you getting too many levels. Your party gets way more from leveling up than the enemies do as you have more optimized gear, builds, synergies and more control over all the possibilities high level brings. This means that the game can be hard in the beginning, reasonable in lv8 and way too easy from 14 onwards even if you arent outleveling the content. Its true that XP is concentrated on neketaka and you can temporarily get overleveled if you do that content asap but i dont think that is the core problem of the game unlike in PoE1 where enemies were reasonable if you werent overleveled bt getting to that point was way too easy. I havent played with the latest increases on lategame difficulty so my experiences could be outdated.
  5. Assuming that its possible to reduce party stat gain while leaving enemies to get +3/level. Id really like this kind of effect that reduces lategame power and makes being strong be more about unique abilities than all the raw stats you just get from levels.
  6. Did you feel like the game was generally getting easier when you got more levels and went into later game areas or did it stay similar to the early game/even get harder?
  7. I love what i have heard of the beta, but has anyone here played more into lv10 or smt? Im really interested if the game stays hard like in the beginning or if it starts to become easier and easier when you level up like poe1 and poe2(at least before this patch) did. Id like to make my first complete playthrough in this patch but i really dont want the game to become trivially easy after i played more than half of it. I have had to restart all my previous attempts because the difficulty curve is so bad. Even last time with pretty heavy difficulty mods everything just started falling with no effort around lv14.
  8. The problem with both pillars isnt really the overall difficulty being too low, but rather the games challenge dropping drastically the longer you go on. Parties just get a lot more from levels than enemies and POTD goes from reasonable(early game) to completely trivial(late game) in both titles, at least if we ignore some optional fights that are huge difficulty spikes from the rest of the game. All the difficulty mods i have seen add flat raw power to enemies and thus do not help much with this major difficulty curve problem. I have relatively heavy difficulty mods and while they managed to delay me becoming OP for a bit now at lv16 my frontliners are practically invulnerable and the party just blenders enemies with no effort/thinking needed even if they are occasionally up to 4 levels over me and have extra hp. I havent played the latest beta, but from what i have heard it has actually made POTD hard in the early game. This sounds good, but im pretty sure it will still become way too easy later on. One way to make enemies become tougher towards the end could be reducing the statgains your party gets from leveling without doing the same for enemies. Id love a simple mod that made party get +2 to stats per level instead of +3 or smt. I know reducing xp gain drastically can make the game be hard even towards the end, but its a really bad solution as then you dont get to use the cool toys at later levels. Id much rather have a high level party with less stats than a lower level one.
  9. I think INT makes drugs last longer(and dampener certainly blocks the effect) so that spell should be able to extend it. But its not like getting 10-20s more for a drug matters much when they last minutes anyway.
  10. Do you play the game in english or with a localization? I have heard that some of the translations have problems. I play a female character in english and havent noticed weird things, but im a man so its possible im just blind to those because of it.
  11. I got my targeting to work by restoring default keybinds, and now i feel like a total moron for not trying that earlier. Left mouse click is tied to multiple different things so its quite easy to accidentally misbind, as you click stuff when you want to change other keybinds.
  12. I have GOG version so maybe the issue could be some crucial microsoft visual c++ version or some other piece of software missing. People had at least graphics bugs(like cloaks not animating etc.) in PoE1 caused by not having certain c++ version, but fundamental mechanics not working is quite different. Im not tech savvy enough make make very educated guesses. EDIT: Attacking in combat doesnt actually work for me either even with just one character selected, i just mistook AI attacking after the command to be my command functioning properly.
  13. Seems like we have the same issue as i also cant use the out of combat target attacking. One other weird thing i have is attacking in combat not working properly if i have multiple units selected. Only the first unit will walk to an enemy and attack normally, while the others treat the command as a movement command and walk to their proper spot in the selected formation. If their AI is off they will then stand still and have the "..." -idle mark in the circle that has sword for attacking etc. If their AI is on they still remain stationary but instead will have the cogs symbol which id assume has something to do with AI. Giving attack commands works fine in combat if the character is the only one selected. Do you also have this problem or do your characters fight normally when ordered to attack a foe with everyone selected?
  14. I have the same bug with targeting abilities. Lay on hands, knockdown etc. can be selected but clicking them on enemies or allies does nothing, the left click just isnt registering at all. This is both in and out of combat. Reinstalling didnt help either. The game seems to work fine otherwise but not being able to use targeted abilities is totally gamebreaking.
  15. Just installed IEMod with the deadfire patch and it seems to be working fine.
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