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  1. While I would welcome both Durance and Zahua with open arms, I think having new characters would be the best thing for a potential third game. Carrying Eder over would make sense and I wouldn't mind that, but none of the other Deadfire companions were interesting enough to bring back. I'm also of the opinion that none of the sidekicks were particularly captivating, and so I have no real interest to see them return - as fully fleshed-out companions, or otherwise.
  2. Xoti makes me wish the Blood Pool was a thing in Deadfire.
  3. Deadfire had by far my least favorite story and companion roster of any cRPG I've played, which is a shame - as the first game ranks highly in both. I appreciate the improved mechanics that came with it, but I can forgive a subpar system if the RPG aspect of a game is well-done (Planescape: Torment being a good example of this). So more than anything, I'd like a return to the writing, themes, and personalities found in the first game. The more general stuff aside, I'm also hoping that they do away with the gods - not necessarily as a whole, but dancing to their strings for the third time would
  4. It's just flavor. That's just his way of reminding you to do the quest. I left it alone until way later in the game and didn't suffer any timed consequences.
  5. I think that's the point. They're *not* all-powerful, they're *not* omnipotent, they're not really any better than Kith. They're not *actually* gods. They call themselves gods and they have immense power, but all they actually are is sentient complex constructs built around philosophical ideals--and they were built by Kith hands around Kith philosophies, so they are in the end every bit as ****ty and flawed as Kith. That's self-evident, but it doesn't change the fact that Obsidian transformed them into one-dimensional caricatures of what they were in the original game and what they could
  6. I got this ending by never using Tekehu - he spent the entire game on the ship - and choosing the "Teheku might find this interesting" option during the Ukaizo weather orb fiasco. I also released the dragon under the Watershaper Guild.
  7. Meh. Both "sweetness and light" and "darkness and death" would be too cliche. I hope he's just an ordinary guy, going about his day, looking for a really good cup of coffee. Good coffee is hard to find, man. I never saw Dorn as "darkness and death" - nor as a cliche. In fact, I think he's one of the few interesting and well-written evil NPCS companions in any RPG. All of the godlike in Pillars feel too "ordinary" to me. Pallegina? An anti-god gal with feathers. Teheku? A blue bloke with tons of pride. I'd like to see a godlike that exhibits some of the qualities of their godly par
  8. I don't find any of the sidekick previews we got particularly interesting, at least not enough to warrant a promotion to a companion (granted, PoE2 companions aren't fantastic either), but Rekke could be a useful lore-dump, and his background is the most unique. He could give us a sneak peek into what else is out there, and hint at a potential future setting (assuming PoE3 ever happens).
  9. Assuming he's a companion, here's hoping he's more Dorn Il-Khan and less "Yeah, I'm a Rymrgand godlike, but I wanna spread peace and happiness."
  10. I thought Wael and Magran were among the most interesting gods in PoE1, but after Deadfire - the only one that I liked was Rymrgand. He's the only one that felt like a true all-powerful being, and he's one of the only two gods that actually kills you if you piss 'em off. The gods in Deadfire suffer from overexposure, and honestly - after the mystique and great wrath they exhibited in the previous game - I think they were poorly written in the sequel. The constant bickering, whining, and flying off the handle is very reminiscent of a popular high schooler, and not very god-like. I guess they we
  11. My first playthrough I did 0 ship combat, all resolved via forced-boarding and regular combat. Everyone had 10+ days of injury time, eating hardtack and drinking water, and had nothing to boost their morale. Two crewmembers confronted me and threatened to rebel, so I used my Cipher mind-tricks on 'em, and while it got them to stand down it also made everyone else concerned. Nothing happened until right before I sailed to Ukaizo - two started to clamor for mutiny, and when I tried to Jedi mind-trick them again, one of the formerly neutral crewmembers yelled "He's trying it again. Kill them!" an
  12. I judge games based on how entertaining/engaging they are, and how well they compare to other, similar games in their genre. I wouldn't pit this game up against Skyrim, no sooner than I would against The Witcher 3; too many variables that don't match up. That's why, when it comes to CRPGs, I compare them with one of my all-time favorites: Dragon Age: Origins. Since we're just talking about the main story here (and by extent, the side quests) I won't mention the companions and combat - both of which are important but not as relevant here. In DA:O your character has great incentive to pursu
  13. Huh, I figured they'd stay on the ship. If that's the case, then yeah - some warning would be nice. Never fun to get Solas'd.
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