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  1. Hello! I'd like the druid spiritshift wolf to change you into a ... wolf. A normal wolf. There is a mod that does that for the shifter subclass, but I'd like it for the other subclasses as well. Can someone help? Either by doing it or telling me how to do it
  2. I was more worried about bugged quests as I like to complete every single one of them. But from what you're saying that is not the case. Minor bugs like @xzar_monty pointed out don't botther me. It's time to make a pale elf wizard and finish the whole game. Thanks everyone!
  3. @thelee no, not really. The reason I asked here is because as you say, in the support forum only people with problems post. I'll probably go ahead with my playthrough then, but I'll wait a bit more to see if anyone else will post. Thanks thelee!
  4. Hello! Haven't played the game since before the first dlc. While I still see plenty of topics in the technical forums, is the game safe to play now? Are there still annoying bugs that affect everyone? Should I wait a bit more or just go ahead and play? Thanks!
  5. It wasn't your fault. It was a mod that caused the problem. Sorry for the mistake.
  6. My soul shock has no animation. Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem?
  7. Oh, yeah, you're right. The spirit was for another quest. I remembered wrong. I guess I just didn't explore the narrows enough because I already knew how to get to Dereo and to delver's row. Thanks for telling me guys
  8. Just a quick question. On my first playthrough I managed to find out what happened to Ulog (the guy that was delivering food before), but now nothing. I think his spirit was in Delver's row. Anyone knows what triggers it to appear?
  9. Is there a command to raise the reputation with the companions? Edit: Found it. CompanionAddRelantioship Companion_Xoti(Clone) Player_Watcher positive major true. I think True or false if it's curently in the party or not
  10. Thats a start, thank you. Are there any others though?
  11. Ah, great then. Thanks! While I understand why it would make sense to hurry sometimes, I don't like that too much in games. I already have to do that in real life Would you guys mind to post the quests that are really timed? It would help me (and others probably) a lot
  12. Hello! Are there timed quests in the game? I just got Serafen and he told me to hurry to do 'Blow the Man down', but I have neither a spy glass or a certain ship flag. So I'm not sure if I should really hurry or it was just for flavour.
  13. Altough I played the first game mostly on veteran (tried POTD once or twice), if this game is easier then it definitely won't do. (btw, do you guys use leveling scaling? because it would be a pretty big difference if not).
  14. After reading all your comments I was pretty sure I'll start on POTD, but after checking to see if I can change the difficulty from POTD to HARD with the console (you can!), I'll definitely start on POTD. If I don't like it I'll just lower the difficulty. It lowers the defenses of the enemies even in the area you are curently in, but it won't delete the extra enemies though. (only in the areas you've not entered yet) Thanks everyone!
  15. I haven't started playing yet, I'm waiting for them to fix the import issues, but since I see many people saying the game is too easy, I'm curious how easy it compared to the first game. More specific about the veteran difficulty. Is it easier than the first game if you use the scaling option? And I really wish they'd allow us to change it to POTD mid game, even if that disables the achievement for it. (because that surely is the only reason as in first POE you could easily change it to POTD with the console).
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