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  1. Just got mine today too! Padded envelope. A little 'crushing', but nothing too serious. Now I just gotta open it up and see how the goods inside faired.
  2. I was wondering about this! Thanks for the effort! However, I haven't even bothered trying PoE on my Linux box yet, as I assumed it would be at least 3 times less stable at release than the Windows build.
  3. I don't know about PoE, but if you're pining for sax in your RPG's: [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5grtioqR5M[/media]
  4. That would be my first assumption if I was an Obsidian employee. Id call the police ASAP for suspicious terrorist activity via food poisoning plots. I sincerely hope no one at Obsidian ate those and that they threw them straight into the garbage. You're serious. I'd like to believe it's very dry sarcasm.
  5. Well, I didn't go the Steam route, but you can't find this in your backer portal after generating the key? I'd definitely contact support if it's not there.
  6. Why does this have to be an act of spite? Can't one company be happy for the successes of another, even if they are, on some level, competing? I mean, were I an author or musician, why couldn't I be happy with other's books/music and congratulate them for it? I know most of these posts are tongue-in-cheek, but some I'm not so sure.
  7. Sorry I can't test it right now, but I want to say it tracks time while paused too. In any case, the logs in your journal that keep track, for instance, of how long a member's been in your party does (As I found when I was looking through Aloth's character sheet immediately after adding him to my party).
  8. Very nice work, Justin! The music is great and hits all the right fantasy notes (heh) for me. I have to admit, listening to the tracks outside of the game context feels really weird, but IN the game it's just fantastic and matches the tone perfectly!
  9. All aboard the dark maps train. Gamma is default at 1. The game otherwise looks fine. Might want to file a bug report if one doesn't exist already - I'd consider this something that needs be fixed.
  10. You kidding? I was very pleased to discover this feature! I was afraid I was gonna have to switch weapon sets every time I needed a little light! Thanks Obsidian!
  11. Cool info! But wait a minute, every game I play damn well better pause when I alt-tab out of it! That's like, practically OS behavior contract. Might be slightly inconvenient at times, but we gotta enforce standards here, man!
  12. Yar, I suppose since I'm getting the physical DRM-free disc anyway Steam makes more sense for me, but if I got to choose between the two who to give my patronage to, it would be GOG (I used to be something of an anti-DRM nazi, but I just can't summon enough passion to care much anymore ).
  13. Anybody here familiar with Key distribution? I too am stuck - Steam is simply more convenient for me, and that's the version I'd get just for that, but I'd prefer to give my patronage to GOG. If I redeem a GOG/Steam key, does GOG/Steam then get my little slice of backer funding, or has that ship already sailed?
  14. I'll be honest, I'm just here to procrastinate. I always did have a hard time getting into hype mode. Now riot mode I can get behind. Down with the oppressors! Up with the unoppressors! Neutral for those guys who don't really oppress but are kinda a**holes nonetheless!
  15. I didn't even want a skeuomorphic UI before I found this thread. Very nicely done, Grotesque! Top marks!
  16. Merry Christmas/whatever, you handsome devil!
  17. I'm afraid for any heat the idea may incite, but I'll go ahead and throw it out there: maybe the combat log could be dynamically filtered by the selected character(s)? This may be useful during pause so that one could easily iterate through their party and see each character's - or group of character's - particular events without the manual task of parsing the log for each. Generally, one's attention at any given time is most focused on their currently selected party member(s) anyway when taking action, so I think it would be appropriate and even beneficial to encapsulate here. Yeah? Nay?
  18. Nope. I've never said that. I've said that it would be fine in the middle or on the left. I don't care as long as it's not on the right. My mistake, but the insight does not affect the argument. This isn't strictly true though; we already know that PoE implements many changes against the IE standard (like, dare I say, kill xp, resting). For me, the control mapping wasn't really a defining factor of what made IE IE. Yet, considering the controls are the means by which a player fundamentally interacts with their game, I can only hope I don't speak solely for myself when I advocate for the option to break here from this IE standard should I or others so choose. Having remappable controls is fantastic, but doesn't really help me here when I have to have [select, move, UI interaction] all mapped to the same control when they should be disparate (at least the move, anyway ).
  19. Nobody's at fault for me not replaying as many cRPGs as you have (well, I am, but that's besides the point), vilifying me and others for it doesn't make your argument any more (or less) valid, and neither does your abundance of play add stock to it. Look, I'm not interested in throwing ad hominems around, nor for the circular logic of "I have faith in my faith, therefor faith", I leave that for certain other forums. I suppose I may have incited this by making reference to your argument for which side the combat log should reside, but you'll have to believe that that was a call for understanding and not an attack. What I was aluding to is that, you believe that a left-side combat log is ostensibly better than a right-side, and maybe you are correct. And what if all the cRPGs you've played had this log on the right? By your argument this is an ostensibly flawed system - would you still argue for it so zealously simply because you'd grown accustomed to it? You may prefer the right-side log in this context, but I have to believe that you wouldn't hesitate to also concede that perhaps it isn't the best for everyone. Likewise, you may prefer and insist upon the IE-style mouse controls, but I have to believe that given demonstrable evidence that it does cause problems to no few people, you could admit that perhaps it isn't the perfect solution for everyone.
  20. I'm not arguing at all with the second half of that, some people certainly do prefer left/right-click movement, but "there's absolutely nothing wrong with it?" For some people (I will include myself here, though I haven't played it yet) this scheme presents a demonstrable issue. You can't tell me this is any less frustrating than which side of the screen the combat log ends up on!
  21. Cool, I think we're closer to the same page, and I clearly need to learn how to spell skeuomorpic, but that's not the crux of my argument. Thank you for explicitly clarifying the mouse controls though, it certainly does help since I don't have access to the beta (I've been hitherto gleaning them from past comments). And I do apologize if my previous comment came out a little aggressive; I confess that I let myself get a tad irritated to perceive my comment before being disregarded wholesale (though I did make liberal use of disarming smiley-faces). The part that has me concerned is the redundancy here: Now I know that the IE games did it this way, but can't we all agree that it's kinda silly? I'm not a big fan of the "let's just put in another toggle!" argument, but I think in this instance it would be nice to have a toggle to enable/disable IE-like mouse, and thus give the option:
  22. It's their fault for doing a silly design with spaces between the portraits. And you can re-bind the controls, you know. Here, I'll help you out a little: ( Sorry, I can't help but be just a little snarky ) I'm not gonna get into the skewmorphic UI debate - I'm personally rather ambivalent on the matter (like skewmorphic style, hate skewmorphic footprint on my precious screen real estate). I suppose I should be more explicit in my statements: I'm not necessarily gung ho for precisely the RTS control scheme as I've described it (though I do prefer it), what I am confused about is just why the left mouse button in the current default scheme has to be used for movement, selection, and UI interaction. It clearly causes frustration to at least some, and I imagine many, people using the non-skewmorphic UI to have one button doing so many things in-game where the contexts determining each behavior are so easily discombobulated (that is a fun word).
  23. Alright, that helps for those who prefer the skewmorphic UI, but we've already seen before just how divided we all are on that UI style. What about those (great many) who don't prefer skewmorphic? It certainly helps that the controls can be changed, but why make the default scheme so clunky? Why not let the IE mouse purists (I don't mean that in a derogatory sense; I just imagine that, perhaps incorrectly, they're a smaller audience than those who prefer the RTS scheme) change the controls to their liking? The control set for a game such as this almost precisely mimics those of your typical RTS after all, and RTS's have been using the reversed scheme successfully from the very beginning. Other top-down games have likewise adopted it. I guess I just don't understand why the RTS scheme shouldn't be the default when, to my mind, it's an ostensibly better layout.
  24. Well alrighty then. I guess I've just never had any problems with the 32-bit libraries myself, except wherein I'm missing them (for WINE) in favor of the 64-bit ones. I agree though, 32-bit is quite out of vogue and only becoming more esoteric from here, and I'm immensely pleased to have confirmation that we're getting a 64-bit release!
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