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  1. As forumers we've always been saying that Kaz did a great with the graphics, but there's a whole lot of other designers that did an amazing job too. Thanks guys!
  2. Nice, happened to me a couple times since I like to close the doors before talking to someone unknown (you never know when you'll need to maximize that bouncing ball of fire).
  3. Cherry on top: combat and tactics are actually fun (well, for me at least).
  4. I disagree with the OP. I was skeptical about this system during the beta stage, but so far after 18 hours on normal I'm having a great time. Mostly spent my Saturday afternoon fooling around in Raedric's hold with a party of 3 at level 3, by going through all the entrances. The front entrance was ...challenging, but rewarding. I open however I want with my druid+mage aoe debuffs/spells, or just with some bow+arbalest shots. Doesn't feel boring at all. Not sure I would be having a great time if I didn't know some game basic mechanics though! Positioning is important and IMO adds some spice to the game. Being in stealth mode allows finer positioning so I'm fine with that. Then what's really interesting to me is casting the right spell according to the enemy defense. I love that. If the guys has a weak reflex, just blast them with spells that attack reflex like fire spells. Weak fortitude? Why not try some of my druid's aoe tailored for that. If they don't seem to have a particular weak spot, or if you don't know their weak spot, or if you want to optimize damage output in tough situations, casting a debuff spell (like one that hobbles enemies and make them weak to reflex) then casting a corresponding damage spell works wonders. See? So many options to choose from. Depending on what enemy you encounter, you will attack differently. This is the contrary of bland and boring. I've "wasted" all my Saturday on this game. Combat is frigging amazing. And I didn't mention all the dialogues and graphics that give a nice BG feel. Obsidian, don't change a thing!
  5. Pardon my French but j'ai vraiment eu du mal à discerner ta voix with the loud background music. Something to take into account for your next videos for sure! à+
  6. Could we also have battlegrounds and arenas? Also, would it be possible to add ak47 and m4a1 rifles as two-handed weapons? If so it'd be nice to have a game option to toggle from 2D top-down view to 3D FPS view. Thanks!
  7. Those wicht monster children look pretty rad! Can't wait to chop their heads off and wonder if by doing so, I haven't become a monster myself.
  8. Bump! As explained by the OP, the armor/defense mechanics are not well explained, so I am quite confused. Say I find an armor with DR13 and one with DR14, but the DR13 one has a some possibly better defense against crush damage. Right now I am not sure about how special damages work, apparently it's percentages or something? If so percentages of what? How is it calculated? No entiendo por favor merci beaucoup. I would like to be able to determine how good defenses are, so that I can make an informed decision/tradeoff. Explain it to me like I'm 5. With nice tooltips and maybe some real-world examples. Thanks!
  9. If PoE 2 developers can have the luxury of choosing who will breath down their necks — a publisher, or Kickstarter backers — I am not sure they would choose KS to be honest. When reading the forums I sometimes get the impression that backers are worse on the scale of breathing-down-neckness! If PoE 1 is successful, maybe publishers will have some hindsight and be willing to finance Obsidian's next vision without compromising what IE games and PoE is (because it would hurt a new proven success).
  10. I for one am happy with the area looting feature. Nothing much to add really. I have a feeling that this feature will be appreciated by the majority of players. We'll see.
  11. Of course we're gonna use that AC2 plate instead of our current AC3 one. Simple as ****. K, now let's discuss about something NOT simple, PoE's armor handling. I feel like most of the point of IndiraLightfoot and — to an extent — wanderon is that DR calculation is not explained well at all. TBH, I am putting all the math aside too for the moment. Not because of roleplay or inbreeding, but because I am exasperated by the murky or convoluted explanations that the game currently offers. I still haven't understood that percentage DR thingie or whatever. What the **** really? It's presented so poorly my curiosity has been killed and I don't even wanna know any more. Please fix.
  12. @Flow You're right, current 4K and 8K monitors are not densest than Retina ones. I'm quite surprised then that Apple still has the densest mainstream computer displays. It's been 3 years since the first Retina macbook. To go back to Falkon's question, PoE looks good on my MBP but I obviously don't have the graphic capability to play on native Retina res, so it looks as good as any other crappy laptop!
  13. It's funny, even though PoE will be available in French (it will, right?), I have never even considered playing PoE in any other language than English. Why would you take the chance of missing any subtleties in the original script, and favour an interpretation of it instead? Same. Better that than whining about the game not being translated into FederatedStatesOfMicronesiannish or something.
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