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  1. its now getting to the point its stupid, did they even release all the scavenger codes yet ? or are they releasing them AFTER people do not care ?
  2. Confirmed! Four to go. EDIT::: It's from the Launch Day Trailer vid in backer update #47 at the 0:19 mark. On 0:37 is the same again ^^ In case anyone didn't recognize him, that's Obsidian's awesome PR Manager, and all-around nicest guy ever, @Mikey Dowling. didn't know. Hope you didn't DOX him to find out LOL (j/k)
  3. yeah can not wait for WL3, Always happy to help out our brothers and sisters in RPG arms over at Obsidian. On a personal note, the big downside to working at inXile is that I now know everything about Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep and Wasteland 3, so it makes the opportunity to play other RPGs that much more precious! Been waiting for this one for a long time. Also, I think I'm on an island somewhere in the game. Looking forward to finding myself. :-D I truly loced WL2 and can not wait for WL3
  4. https://eternity.obsidian.net/scavenger/logbookshould put that in the first post so we only need one place to get all our links
  5. Will our characters from PoE be able to be imported then, if we are still the watcher ? Maybe with a remake at the least to keep the level etc... does anyone know if this has been asked before or addressed and if so, do you have links to what was officially stated ? Please and thank you and bless your good faces all you backers of this marvelous project !
  6. I've been trying to keep up with those in the news, but I haven't initiated any updates and I have it set-up to only update when I tell it to. That does not mean something didn't sneak-in behind my back, but I have no log of that happening. Joe It's hard keeping up with news on this game, I found it easier with the original PoE for some reason.
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