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Will our characters from PoE be able to be imported then, if we are still the watcher ?

Maybe with a remake at the least to keep the level etc...
does anyone know if this has been asked before or addressed and if so, do you have links to what was officially stated ?
Please and thank you and bless your good faces all you backers of this marvelous project !

Obsidian wrote:

​"those scummy backers, we're going to screw them over by giving them their game on the release date. That'll show those bastards!" 



 Now we know what's going on...

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There is an import feature, and no matter whether you import or not, the main character is still the Watcher of Card Nua.


However, you only imports your choices, not your stats. You will have to remake your character, and you'll start at level 1 (partly to facilitate the new character and multiclass system).


If you want more information I suggest you try to read some of the import threads that have already been made: https://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?app=core&module=search&section=search&do=search&fromsearch=1

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