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  1. Okay, never mind.. I just finally tried the one single thing I had not tried all evening yesterday, and that was the conversation choice of attacking right away, saying she won't fool us, etc.. FINALLY got a task update to talk to Wyla, and was able to complete the task.. geez. I tried at least 10 times last night with every other conversation option, with no success..
  2. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be *any* solution for some of us. I have tried several times, starting from a point before I entered the mausoleum, going ahead with the fight, and returning to Wyla. She never acknowledges that the missing sentries have been found. Any thoughts?
  3. I'm stuck on this as well. Can't advance this quest. I have tried many times using scouting and otherwise, but she won't let me get close enough to converse with any of the guards before she interrupts and I have to talk to her, always ending in a battle. No matter what conversation choices I make in what order, or how the battle plays out, the quest never advances, and going back to Wyla is futile, she just asks me if I've made any progress and I have to say I'm still working on it. Bummer.
  4. I'm proud to say I backed this game back in the kickstarter offering, as I have been a fan of the dev team for a very long time, and my hopes were most definitely fulfilled. I am absolutely loving the game so far. These games for me, are not about how hard the battles are, tactics, or any of that. It's the roleplaying that I have been missing in so many games in the last decade or more. This game provides roleplaying in spades, and I am happier than a pig in slop. Thanks guys, I guarantee you, if you start a new project for another classic RPG game, I will be one of the first to step
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