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  1. I like the challenges so far. What I'd really like is the option to turn challenges on in every difficulty. I want to create my own game balance, and these challenges would be perfect for that.
  2. 111 pages, worth every penny. Trying to read it all, but reading it makes me want to replay the beta over and over again. Slow process
  3. My pleasure. Trying to share the love of all things PoE More interest benefits all of us!
  4. Okay, here are a handful of scans from the Pillars of Eternity Guidebook Volume One. Enjoy!!
  5. Still at work, but I can tell you that the content and design of this book is amazing. It's dense with information on Eora and local history, but it's put together like an encyclopedia-meets-history book fashion. There's enough unique art to be interesting, but the vast majority is lore heavy. I'll put 3 or 4 pages up in about 4 hours or so. It should peek enough interest to spawn more sales from those with an itch
  6. No hints in the book, all lore all the time. It's like a history book with extended footnotes on creatures, gods, locations, etc. Absolutely no spoilers as far as story and characters in present (game world) time. Won't be home from work until 10pm EST, 15 hours from now,but I'll get some pics up (with spoiler tags just in case) later this evening.
  7. Heh, $15 for the book, $32 for shipping. Just got a bonus at work, thought "What the hell?"
  8. Ordered straight from Dark Horse, 1 day delivery Thought it wouldn't arrive until after the 26th, being wrong is cool.
  9. I received the Pillars of Eternity Guidebook Volume 1 in the mail today! This thing is certainly sweet enough to make the next two weeks easier If there is any interest in a sneak peek of sorts, let me know and I'll try to get some pictures up. I might be busy drooling over this super awesome piece of lore for awhile, though!
  10. Athletics to reach the egg, constitution (16) to bring it down safely
  11. On every save file, with every character made, my objectives tab resets. No updates, no info, no completion xp. Dialogue still reflects that I've started and finished every objective, but I've gained zero xp all game. I've played on easy and normal, expert mode and not, several types of characters. Some initially get quest updates, all ha e their objectives erased before completion. I'd love to offer an opinion on leveling to 6, 7, and 8, but zero xp is quite a hurdle.
  12. Pillars of Eternity looking better every update, my order went through, and I'm getting a pack of playing cards I'd forgotten about. Aces!
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