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  1. It's fine But lately I've had another problem... I get a map loading error whenever I enter the open seas. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to restart a new game?
  2. Nemnok was certainly challenging on my 'Triple Crown' solo playthrough as a sage, mostly due to the number of mobs in that fight, but personally those fampyrs are just the worst.
  3. I have had multiple trainings for my watcher from different people around the deadfire (each costing 3000 copper), but after respeccing I've discovered that all my trainings are gone. Foolishly, I've overwritten my only save before checking my stats to realise my trainings were gone. Now I am sitting at about 18000 lost copper, and no way to get the trainings back. Is this an intentional feature, or a bug?
  4. I think Adra ban is perhaps one of the most limited resource in the game, since it is an essential ingredient for almost all high end upgrades, so far I have only come across 8 in my entire playthrough.
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