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  1. +1. While all this stuff sounds really interesting, I'd like to see well balanced game without taking care of stronghold.
  2. Gold won't have weight. So essentially you're not carrying it around. I don't care if it's kind of like digital money Not really an important aspect (or focus) of the game. I cannot agree with that. Situation, where gold don't have weight, so you can carry even millions of coins, is making game less consistent. I like idea of having some kind of bank institution (maybe handled by mages), so it would solve problem of transportation huge amount of currency. On the other hand, having gems, or other high value items instead of tons of coins may solve it too. But yes, it's not key part
  3. I may agree, that more than one currency, and complicated economic are complex solution, so there are many pros and cons (in terms of old school rpg). But, what I was originally asked is partition, so we don't have to carry in backpack like 10-100k of 'tokens'. This system isn't complicated at all; everybody is used to dollars and cents (or their local equivalent), so this have real world feeling.
  4. The value of gold is not a constant, it depends on the availability. So a plausible explanation to abundance of gold in your generic fantasy world would be that in this said world, gold veins are more accessible and/or much more common. However, I would also like there to be denominations, as it adds to my perception of in-game world being more similar to real world and therefore more realistic Yeah, that was just shortcut for my point. About your example: in world, where gold is that cheap, we would pay about 10-100k for really expensive items; "Sure, I have 45 371 coins in my po
  5. Hello everyone, What do you think guys, how monetary system in Eternity should look like? Most popular is just gold based, but I find it... ridiculous; "One beer!!" "One gold coin, please" Hm... Quite expensive, isn't it? I'd rather prefer gold / silver / bronze partition. Maybe it isn't very important aspect of a game, but standard gold system just make no sense to me.
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