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  1. Good morning, I just completed a scenario from the story on Legendary to fulfill the daily quest objective (finish two scenarios on legendary). After winning the scenario, first I got the legendary rewards from the mission (think it was 350 Gold coins), but when the daily quest rewards were processed, I lost those gold coins and got the 100 coins of the daily quest instead. But when I look into the story, it states correctly, that I finished the scenario on legendary. I relogged three times after that, but the scenario rewards are lost. Hope that report helps! Love your game (just wish I wouldn't have to roll for 100% chances all of the time ;-) ) Andi
  2. ok, just upped my Kickstarter pledge for the Beta Addon and hope, that I can participate in the Beta soon (playing Baldurs Gate again at the moment and still loving it =) )
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