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  1. Unless food is, for some reason, extremely plentiful to the point people overeat like we have now, fat would only be found in the extremely affluent and wasteful/gluttonous. Not necessarily EVIL but wasteful and gluttonous - two features that sometimes feature in evil people like gang bosses, or tyrants, etc.
  2. Actually I just came up with a very easy way to "defeat" a tarrasque at any level, and it only requires money. Here's your clues: 1. The highest level item it uses is CL 12. 2. It costs 22,500 gp total. It's something I've mentioned previously on these forums.
  3. So wait, you are DM and also have a PC?? Just curious, how does that work exactly? Seems like it would be pretty difficult not to be a bit bias. You know, knowing all the secrets of what the adventure holds. It's simply like playing an NPC but you just have a little more personal investment in it - as long as you keep role playing there's no real problem. Discipline. You only really need to worry about a DM with a PC if they're the kind of DM who's there for a power trip ;D We all traded off DMing some adventures, Arcan rarely kept his player in it because DMing was too mu
  4. I think it's also important for the game to learn. If there are intelligent enemies, I hope there are, and your party has reputations for doing X,Y,Z during fights, they should modify tactics accordingly. My party was known for hunting dragons, Vortavian's tactics well known enough that the dragon could prepare for it in advance. My tactics as a paladin were well known enough by my nemesis for him to be prepared as well. Only Arcan was really spared since his tactics actually do deviate from fight to fight on a regular basis. If the player casts magic missile almost every fight and
  5. Wow...ok that is just crazy. I find that when players are having "easy" fights with what are supposed to be monsters challenging for their current level, the DM is to blame for forgetting that these monsters aren't simply HP and AC sacks that swing wildly at the player now and again. Dragons should never be easy fights, ever. For example: During my dungeon I made for my 2 friends and I as an epic level reward, and as a final dungeon, we had a flying ship that was being attacked by a black wyrm dragon, and, if we didn't stop it from doing so, we'd all be pretty boned. One of my
  6. What makes the tarrasque scary is when the DM actually remembers the thing's feats and unusual abilities... it has so many. Basically its attacks ALWAYS hit, and his has power attack and greater cleave. So, assuming you have a player whose AC would only feasibly get to 30 without some cheese, it gets to add 17 damage and still guarantee a hit. It has such insane reach, you also provoke attacks of opporunity approaching or moving around it and it gets 4 attacks of opportunity due to combat reflexes. So any melee character that doesn't somehow get right next to it from the get go is like
  7. how about we facilitate both crowds by simply rewarding those who can delve the dungeon in one (or perhaps 2) go with some awesome loot, and those who return to the surface too often won't get the best prize.
  8. Health = bodily ability to sustain damage, so this would be your constitution. Stamina = Ability to shirk off damage, comes with experience and training, this would be your "HP" gained per level I have a D&D zombie campaign where we use a "vitality" point system which is basically that. You get your hp per level modified by your constitution as a normal hit point system, once you run out of that you start taking damage from your vitality score instead which is equal to your constitution score. If a critical hit is scored, instead of multiplying damage, it's just taken from your v
  9. Hopefully it won't be something that broken. That would sort of defeat the purpose. I could see a small random range that is used to calculate what your character might get based on what has happened. I don't want randomness to gimp me though. yeah, my main issue in BG was randomly being gimped on hp, especially at early levels where it's so damn crucial.
  10. I'm a challenge whore, so me more than likely. The only thing I don't like in difficulty settings is having random effects at higher difficulties, like spell memorization and hp gain per level. Randomly deciding your character only gets 1 hp this level since your difficulty is higher is sad for me :\
  11. What if you got experience for going to said dungeon level and reaching the point right past the hobgoblins. What difference should it make how you got to that point as long as you got it. Fighters will kill to get there, wizards might shove enemies out of the way to get there, diplomats will talk their way there, etc. They all had to struggle to get there. But then aren't we then limiting you to having to CLEAR dungeons? What about just offing that party of hob goblins and moving on? Again, it makes doing little extra things less rewarding. Why bother clearing the crypt of undead
  12. Unless this game becomes the game of the new century, I have doubts about all of the (unwanted) swag aside from the map bringing more than $40 back. Just saying I can't be the only one who would donate more for just a cloth map, if we need/want extra cash to reach 3.5m, selling cloth maps at $40 or so each would likely result in alot of donations. I may roll a d20 the hour before the kickstarter ends and up to collector's edition if I critical, but aside from that, I'll stick with my $20 tier :\
  13. I think it subverts the impetus to explore maps and clear dungeons if you don't gain experience for killing the enemies you find there. If a group of guys is part of a quest? No experience for killing them. But if I go to the furthest corner of the map and end up fighting off a random troop of hob goblins attacks me, I want experience for killing them, ya know?
  14. I'd rather have it but just make it a difficult and arduous process, essentially requiring quest-like effort to accomplish. In D&D even a simple raise dead spell takes 5,000gp worth of diamonds to accomplish - do you have any idea using random loot tables how long it would take to come across that?
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