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  1. Here's the way I look at it. I should get rewarded for doing stuff, enough that it justifies the time, effort, and most importantly resources spent. If the loot is good enough, that's probably okay, but I do think that if my party spends its time wiping a map completely clean, over time that party should have a level advantage over a party that skips all the encounters. A lot of issues stated in this thread can be solved with variable quest rewards, though. Use social skills or investigation to solve a quest non-violently? Get a larger quest reward bonus for the effort and brain power spen
  2. So assuming the damage is constant per second, that's 534 over 12 seconds or about 44/second. 21 might - 534/12s 19 might - 496/12s 14 might - 460/12s Just looking at that, there is some huge gains for the values past racial limits for might, unless I'm missing something. If the other stats don't get that treatment, then getting a class with +2 might is the way to go. EDIT: Someone else said their 19 I was 23 seconds and not 22... plugging those numbers in instead, I get 511/12s. That gives approximately a linear increase of 7.2 damage over 12s for every point of might, which s
  3. I'd like to reiterate that I think item durability belongs in expert mode. By description, "Expert Mode will also enable more punitive and demanding gameplay elements, in and out of combat.", which, like fallout new vegas which has things like dehydration, I believe damaging equipment falls under. That way the people who don't like the busy work of paying for repairs don't have to have it, and the people who want the realism can have it.
  4. I like this, by the way. Consumables are a good way of providing depth to a combat, and making battles so hard you have to use them (although, chances are there are going to be builds that don't need them... it's just a thing that usually ends up happening), in my opinion really adds in the element of danger and feels like you're working for your victory. EDIT: Editing this post so I don't just have a post spam going on. I've noticed a lot of people hate item durability. I'm not entirely sure why, as it's always been a minor inconvenience at worst and adds a little bit of immersion, b
  5. Couple things of note for me. I'm sure the devs are already discussing internally how to balance found loot with crafted loot, and ideally neither one should obsolete the other, and possibly should work off each other to be even better. It would be equally depressing to have an end game where the best builds require legendary sword X found in level 14 of the megadungeon and armor Y found off the fairy king in the Dark Woods story arc, etc etc, as it would be to have an end game where the best armor and weapons are crafted and you might as well not even go loot hunting. If the devs want
  6. Lets plays actually seem quite popular on youtube, I guess people are interested in seeing how other people play and how the experience differs to their own? I sometimes watch lets plays to see how other people do stuff, but my main use of lets plays is a way to preview and review a game. Screw big news site reviews, watching someone else play the game is a million times better.
  7. It should be logical on how the bodies disappear. If enemies respawn there, the bodies should disappear some time after you leave (once enemies respawn). Partially because you could potentially end up with infinite corpses, partially because the enemies themselves would clean up the bodies. If the enemies die in a place trafficked by people, they should be cleaned up after some time even if enemies don't respawn there. If enemies die in a place that there is no respawn and no one would logically go by there (except you), then they should just stay there for a long time. Maybe after
  8. The one thing I hate is that the devs seem to think asking for romance = asking for sex. Sex isn't even a big point in the bg2 romances, which are already simple as hell. In fact, you can screw yourself over in some cases by jumping to it too quickly. I just want to be able to pursue the full spectrum of relationships with my companions. Be it friendships, romances, frenemies, bromances, or whatever. And the characters should stay in character, so if the companions cheats on me, gets mad jealous whenever I interact with other guys/girls, obstains from sex until marriage, doesn't really underst
  9. Before that, they were going with a reanimated orchestra, with the conductor being a Necromancer. Jokes aside, they were probably gonna just have some musicians create some music on the computer as opposed to actually recording music being played at a studio or something. So there would be a difference in quality.
  10. I think the only thing they've said on this so far is that it'll be similar to switching between chapters in some of the IE games, where you get a narrated sequence, accompanied by static art (which I love, btw). Animation simply is too expensive/time consuming to fit within a crowd sourced budget (and there also seems to be little demand for it in the fanbase). That's why way back when kickstarter was running, I suggested drawn character portraits for dialogue, like say how recettear does it (Note that Feargus did say he put it in his big list of things to talk and think about, so I assume by
  11. The specific things mentioned in the 4m stretch goal might not have been put in though. Live Orchestra, dev in game commentary, making Chris play Arcanum. The live orchestra music was the big one for me, I'm looking forward to some quality music in PE.
  12. I'm personally on the fence as to whether or not a defensive 'slide' option is needed. I've played games with AoO that both had and didn't have it (old d&d games like secret of the silver blades did not have it, d&d 4th ed does have it. But one thing I would like to see are feats/class abilities that modify the effects of engagement with that player. I.e., debuffs on the enemy or buffs on the player. Spells too. A spell that makes it so that when the enemy engages with someone, it gets a huge penalty to accuracy or something would be awesome. Or maybe the enemy takes damage everyti
  13. This means that firearms after a few more advances in technology will eventually become the dominate way to do battle just like in real life, since they'll lose the only restrictions currently afflicting them. Unless of course similar advances in magic happen (maybe the only reason magic shields don't work against bullets is because guns are so new, no one has researched that area of magic). Or people start integrating magic with technology (although magic guns seem like the obvious result of that). I don't like this very much. Personally I think health/stamina damage should be a propert
  14. The only thing bad about buffs is in games where you can, and end up basically encouraged to, prebuff. It's extremely immersion breaking, yet also extremely optimal (as every buff you prebuff is one more action you can spend in battle kicking the opponent's ass), to prebuff for a fight your party can't possibly know is coming. It's a somewhat minor thing, to be fair, I'm not gonna cry if PE doesn't address/fix this issue. The obvious 'solution' is to disallow any combat casting until combat is initiated, but I don't really like that. I mean, it'd be fairly simple to classify certain spells
  15. Reminds me of Skyrim shouts. Might even be where they got the inspiration from, who knows.
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