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  1. The value is in supporting Obsidian As for what we get, integration would be nice but a blank slate is perfect for modding If there are enough people interested organising a semi-official backer NPC mod would be nice. Plenty of time for this, though. Ideally, I'd rather have the backer NPCs undistinguishable form all the rest, just like Dengler. At the very least, it should be an option to switch off the tooltip colour, etc. As you said, it's quite immersion breaking.
  2. In my opinion not there at all is way better than being there and looking ugly. Plus, I imagine they are saving a massive amount of work without it. Great points in the videos Sensuki, from what I've seen in the game and what I hope Obsidian would change. One thing I feel very strongly about is the backer NPCs. I hate the idea that they are marked as such. I pledged as much as I could to support Project Eternity, not to show off my name in the game. I really hope they either find a way to integrate the backer NPCs in a way consistent with the rest of the NPCs or do a toggle for any obv
  3. Somewhere it was mentioned that they tried the current version so the party wouldn't feel boxed in when in small rooms, corridors, etc. I actually like the idea that if they are in a small room they feel boxed in. Long, narrow corridors in which you only see a line ahead of you - cool. You open a door and see only a tiny room or a huge cavern - the way it should be. As everyone else said before - line of sight all the way.
  4. A bit more feedback on the stash - in order to be usable as a long-term storage space it needs some organisation. An example: Like this the items can be organised as one sees fit. I'd go for something like Far left - loot to sell. Middle left - consumables (potions, etc.) Middle right - magic items worth keeping to swap out and use Far right - quest items / parts of items to forge (Caspenar item bits, etc.) The game could either sort things automatically in pre-set groups (like in the inventory) or it can all be done manually. I'd rather go for manually because this way I c
  5. In BG2 I've heard it enough for PoE 1,2 and 3. I'm happy for not hearing it.
  6. What happens: The orange windows turn black partially black at night (Armory and Mill house). How to reproduce: 1. Travel / wait until it is evening time and the windows turn orange. 2. Go near the armory 3. Fully zoom in 4. Move / scroll the map around as the black sections on the windows appear/disappear with the scrolling. 5. If it doesn't happen at 4. Move characters around a bit and move / scroll map again What should actually happen: The windows should stay orange. Notes: Moving characters around seems to affect it, although it is not clear at all how (relative positi
  7. Does anyone else find the details box in character creation too dark for comfortable reading? It is much darker than the similar boxes in-game. The "light from above" effect is nice but it makes the bottom part a bit too dark. Also, in the Character sheet there is a similar issue - the bottom left bit is much harder to read than the rest of the page: Another thing in the character creation screen - the male symbol and fighter (sex and class) marks are a bit inconsistent with the rest of the art. They are a bit scruffier, more detailed than the majority of othe
  8. I'd personally prefer to see the total values in the Party Records instead of the stat for the individual with the highest number. The reasons: I'd much rather have some information in the party tab which isn't readily available in the individual tabs - better see the sum of all kills than the number for party member x, which is just a click away. I'd like to see how much damage the party has taken without needing a calculator. Once a party member gets ahead they'll probably stay there - no dynamism on the page past a certain point. It is actually fun to click though the Personal stats fo
  9. I like the limited gold. But it's just a personal preference. I liked the tediousness in Fallout. As for the decimal point - it makes sense if the merchant always rounds up on every item, and the party rounds up (or down) per item so there's no need for a decimal point.
  10. I think it is the closest person to the object looted that goes to get the stuff. The same thing happens with opening containers and talking to NPCs. Seems to make sense. It is the fastest way to do the desired action and if you want to do that with a specific character you can select them first.
  11. I didn't notice at all. It would be nice if stuff moved but I'd rather have it not move than move badly. The demo we saw long time ago wasn't very successful at this. I guess I'm too used to the IE games but for me making trees / etc. move would be a very low priority.
  12. What happens: There is too much empty space at the bottom of the conversation log. At font scale 80% At font scale 100% What should happen: There shouldn't be any empty space at the bottom so more text is visible when the log is minimised. Notes: Maybe that's by design. Seems like an empty line is added at the end of conversations for ease of readability once there are many conversations. Maybe an empty line needs to be added at the beginning of a conversation instead at the end? This way there's no empty space after the last line and conversations are still separated.
  13. What happens: The prices at Winfrith change after the game is loaded. The prices at Hendyna seem to work properly. If an item is clicked so it goes in the trade section and then back up it has the proper price again. Prices after loading the game: Prices after they've been put in "Trade" section and back up. These are correct. How to reproduce: Save game. Load dame. See Winfrith's prices. Notes: The price is corrected if the item is put in the trade section. Checked Hendyna's prices as well to see if all shopkeepers are affected but they stay the same. The buggy price
  14. Not sure if that helps but I couldn't figure out how to use unlock either. Then I selected the rogue and clicked on a locked chest and she opened it.
  15. Bug 1: What happens: The orlan and aumaua hold the shield in a very strange way. For the orlan the hand is holding the bottom part, the aumaua has his hand through the shield. What should happen: The characters should "hold" the shield - as for the other races. Notes: Probably just a polish thing rather than bug. Bug 2: What happens: The ranger has an arrow in his bow for part of a second before the arrow disappears and the bow is moved a bit. What should happen: Either the arrow should stay or it shouldn't appear at all.
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