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  1. Only thing i'm not liking so far is with the new resource required to rest, being a wizard sucks. You use your spells and find you need to rest to replenish them after a battle or two. Meaning you use the limited resources to rest or you walk all the way back to the inn to rest. Having to strategically save you higher level spells for bosses makes taking a wizard along kinda a waste of time in this case b/c if you don't have any camping resources your wizard is essentially a dead weight after one or two battles. Yes you can tailor your wizard to get into melee combat, but why be a wizard when
  2. Thanks. Quest must just be bugged seeing as no matter how many times i click on the locked door with each character nothing happens. Oh well guess i'll try complete some of the other quest and then try a new character.
  3. Unlocking locked things: Specifically in regards to the 'Searching for Aelys' quest guess kinda spoilerish? But I haven't seen any ability to unlock things like what was in baldurs gate. Sorry if this is obvious to others. Anyway i've come to the end of the quest line where i've located where Aelys is being held; Trygil's Curriery, but after being attacked by Trygil i can't seem to get past the locked door to get into the cellar. Was Trygil supposed to have dropped a key? I can't even figure out how to get any of the characters to try lock pick the door, am I missing an ability on the rogu
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