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  1. ... Could be like this "Get you'ns together 'n go" Define You'ns (ya-eww-en-s) "Y'all + 3"
  2. Bug: As the name states, when an AOE spell is being cast, most specifically by the healer.(Haven't paid attention to the rest) there is a tiny yellow bar that matches curser movement horizontally in the top left hand corner of the screen. 1.)Click AOE spell 2.)Move mouse around and pay attention to the top left hand corner of the screen 3.)As you move your mouse this way and that a tiny yellow bar will silde back n forth
  3. If this actually did manage to get in there I'd be so happy, but ohhh the hate mail I'd get haha.
  4. Guess its just me then. I can't help but not hear if when I read it. Guess that'll just have to be enough
  5. BB Fighter's shield floats off in space and is nowhere near attached to his hand in the inventory preview. You can rotate him so that his back is facing you and see it floating there. It's barely recognisable
  6. Each Options menu should have a restore defaults button. I checked all the boxes and forgot what the default settings where.. luckily I could exit without saving.
  7. I find note often than not vsync is a must for Linux gaming but on my windows box. Turn it off or give me the option to.
  8. I am quite dismayed that when I kill something there is no exp gain. I mean how could I not learn something from fighting it? Possibly becoming more effective at killing it. This does bother me.
  9. Did you notice that alot of the mobile vilagers you came across was a bit of a pain to get the tooltip to pop up and tell you exactly who the character is. My best example was in the Drakogen Inn. Those mobile npcs are haulin balls in there its hard to get their names to pop up. Thoughts?
  10. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I read it. I hear the original voice from baldur's gate saying it. Its actually kind of annoying NOT hearing it. Thoughts?
  11. That's an issue in and of itself. The log file is outputting megs of data and its only been a day. Potential for a disk space issue
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