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  1. thanks You obsidian for this awsome upcoming game i hope backer site. ( wanna upgrade my pledge ) !!!
  2. I searched around the forum but i didn't find it so i will post here. How Spell learning will work ? with scolls : you find or buy a spell and you lean it. or with magic schools : depending of your level you can choose a spell from your school. or ?? Can we cast limited usable spells such as scrolls you put on your actions bar ? How the magic combat wil work ? is it base on a custom set of rules of turn by turn such as D&D with saving throws and ll the stuff. or ?? Is the spells effect have time duration such hours or day or ??
  3. Very good news since the THQ story i expected the worst Also i don't remenber if they say it will the french version with the actors and all the stuff, could be great !!!
  4. sound great, as BG2 I will be able to preset little things such as be aggrisve or defensive Thanks
  5. Hello everyone i'm wondering something about the AI behavior of compagnions in the game. An option to control the AI of the compagnions depending of the conditions and events could be great !! Exemple : this compagnion if your life drop under 50 % defensive mode and stay away. I do remender this option in games likes baldurs gate 2, neverwinter nights 2 or dragon age origins. As a game programmer i always enjoy let the player do customs behavior in a game when its possible So what do you think about that ? Do a panel to control behavior could be good or not ?
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