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  1. Minor nitpick. This is not the first time we've seen people label Geralt as a "Drizzt wannabe", but interestingly enough, he predates Drizzt. By a couple of years. If anything, Geralt of Rivia is an Elric of Melniboné wannabe. A clone, in fact. Both are Mutants. Both are supernatural swordsmen, both share the same nickname (white wolf).
  2. Fluid, yes. What I found most reassuring was this: Up until, like, just now, my only worry was that my CPU would be my bottleneck. Because I've recently upgraded everything else on my computer. (I've got a GTX 970, 12 gigs of Ram etc). But my CPU is still a fossil from 2010. It's a 6 core Athelon Phenom 2.0 Gig. But apparently, this article is telling me that the game will run fine on my system. sweet.
  3. New footage. 35 minutes of map travel.
  4. Of all the IE games to cite for the "fog of war issue", you choose BG2? Really? It's the ONE IE game that didn't impose the fog of war in cities and towns.
  5. Depends on the genitals, of course. lol
  6. Yeah, funny thing about Skyrim though, the Day 1 version was a download of only about 6 gigs, but a couple months later they released the Hi-Res patch and that thing was friggin 20 gigs.
  7. Not really. They did have to create a new engine from scratch. And the software tools were much more expensive and far less efficient back then. Plus they had to pay all the licensing fees for the rights to use both the Forgotten Realms setting and the AD&D ruleset. Oh, and contrary to the ridiculous Hyperbole, BG2 did not cost $20 Million to make.
  8. I don't think the Budget differences were all that great. PoE cost just over $4 million to make. How much did BG1 cost to make?
  9. Yeah, don't expect even the profound world-state decisions in your imports to be little more than "historical details of stuff that happened before Nilfguard finally came in and took over"....or something like that. Which is fine with me. But.... there's something interesting that we've discovered from looking at the Achievement list. Apparently there's a quest to assassinate Radovid. Check it out: http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2015/04/14/full-list-of-the-witcher-3-achievements-released/?slideshow=1301#/slide/2 Assassin of Kings - take part in the assassination of King Radovid And even more interesting.... Bedding Keira Metz.... confirmed. Check out the "Friends with Benefits" Achievement.
  10. False. Staff of Rynn. Sold at the Adventurer's mart. The moment you exit Irenicus' dungeon... Like I said. And.... it doesn't matter anyway. We were talking about +3 weapons, and the Adventurers mart sells plenty of those as well. 6 points *Minimum*. Guaranteed. That's more than we can say for any +3 weapon. And it'll hit any creature in the game. Again, that's more than we can say for Any +3 weapon.
  11. Nope. I can kill liches without using level six or higher spells. I can kill a lich using a single 3rd level mage spell.
  12. We've already been through this. BG2 is a game with 10,000 solutions and even the loopholes have loopholes. On the off chance that your party manages to face a Lich or an Iron Golem before acquiring a +3 weapon (a feat in itself. Why are you under the impression that +3 weapons are rare?), There's always alternatives. Thief traps come to mind. Summons. Spells. etc. +3 and +4 weapons (including Axes, Quarterstaves and warhammers), can be bought in the Adventurers mart in Waulkeens Promenade.... you know, the Adventurers mart, which is next door to the game's opening dungeon. Oh, and a +5 weapon can be bought at the copper coronet in the slums, the second area you visit in Athkatla. Imagine that. About an hour into the game, you can find a weapon that will be effective against friggin Demogorgon, Mellisan and Baalthazar 200 hours later.
  13. No one paid $20K to $40k for ringside seats. They either got in for free, or they paid $100,000+. In fact, for the Opportunity to sit next to Evander Holyfield and Jay-Z in, like, Row 10, you had to shell out about $350,000. As far as I know, not even the last row of the bleachers was $20k to $40k, unless you were one of the super lucky sods who managed to snag one of the 1000 tickets that went on sale about 2 weeks ago....and sold out in 60 seconds.
  14. ^Which makes him par the course for Boxing "greats". Really, Boxing and Women don't mix. Ever. Off the top of my head: Mike Tyson (Raped a 19 year old) Carlos Monzon (Beat the sh*t out of his first two wives; Murdered his third wife) Joe Louis (Spousal Abuse) Sugar Ray Robinson (Spousal abuse, and he was a notorious womanizer) Marvin Hagler (Spousal Abuse) Deigo Corrales (Brutal Spousal Abuse....and she was 8 months pregnant) Jake Lamotta (Spousal Abuse....and he used to Brag about it) Arturo Gatti (Yes, the celebrated Real life Rocky that everyone loved.... Spousal abuse) Pernell Whitaker (Spousal Abuse. And Wife was pregnant) Evander Holyfield (Beat his wife, over a disagreement about a church donation) The list goes on and on. Generally speaking, Boxers aren't Role models. Mayweather isn't anything special.
  15. It happens. a lot. Are you surprised? Look at how much money they're making off each other. For $180 MILLION, I'd be complimentary to my opponent too.
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